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Pioneering Permeable Paving & Resin Bound Installations & Products in Australia

From resurfacing old surfaces to new projects requiring a premium surface, our resin bound products & services is where stunning aesthetic meets performance.

High-Quality & Australian Made

Choose a Reputable Permeable Paving Installer

We offer durable permeable paving resurfacing for enhancing old concrete surfaces.

Our professional installers supply high-quality, fully porous, resin-bound products for driveways, footpaths, tree surrounds, pool surrounds, rooftops, paved areas and more.

All our products are fully permeable and hardwearing for vehicular and foot traffic, allowing water to pass through.

Choose a High-Quality Permeable Paving Material that Withstands Our Australian Climate

For more than a decade, we have demonstrated a sincere dedication to various projects, regardless of their size. As a result, we have gained the trust of local governments, businesses, and homeowners. We take pride in providing reliable services to our valued clients.

The solution we offer is not one dimensional. Our permeable paving is the product for those who want a solution that survives the test of time as much as they want stunning visual appeal that Australian sourced stone provides. All of StoneSet’s eco-friendly resin bound products are fully backed by Governments, schools, businesses & homeowners since 2008. We take pride delivering our Australian-made products to clients with customer service excellence & 10-year guarantee. Our extensive Australian wide approved installer network allows for us to ensure a high quality experience & result from start to finish.

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Permeable Paving Installation Services

All of our installation services are covered by a 10-year warranty and no-loose-stone guarantee. Explore our great range of services or give us a call to learn how we can assist you with your next project.

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We know that starting or growing a business can be a daunting process. That’s why we’ve built our free online training as a way to help. Whether you’re a new or pre-established business in landscaping, concreting or just interested in starting an eco-friendly business altogether, then our online training can help you through the process of sales, all the way through to installation and lead generation.

By completing our training and becoming an accredited StoneSet installer, you’ll join our wider team and have access to all of the resources and support you’ll need to succeed in the business. Our training course covers permeable resurfacing installation and sales, so you’ll be fully equipped to offer these services to your customers.

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Learn More About Permeable Paving

Frequently Asked Questions

All StoneSet products are fully porous/permeable which allows water to penetrate the surface and flow through to the ground below. With issues surrounding flooding, pollution and preservation orders on trees, a porous surface is becoming increasingly important.

Permeable pavement uses porous materials that help rainwater absorb into the ground instead of accumulating on the paver’s surface and running off into our sewerage system. Common materials used for permeable paving include concrete, brick, stone, crushed rock and gravel.

It is the new standard employed in various applications and backed by local councils, especially in built-up urban areas, where water cannot soak into the ground and pressure is added to our stormwater systems.

The strength of our high grade resin our design process uses optimal amounts of resin creating a strong bond. This results in the particles being held firmly together at the points of contact only, leaving voids for water and air to permeate through.

Two primary benefits can be enjoyed for installing permeable pavement: 1) preventing flooding and 2) improving water quality. This material allows water to infiltrate directly through the paving and absorb into the ground rather than pooling on top. It is highly beneficial in an urban setting that consists mostly of impermeable surfaces. Compared to permeable concrete, our porous system allows a higher absorption level, which helps prevent water pollution and eliminates the amount of water runoff. As the water passes through the permeable material, the soil and the plants purify it in the process. This process eliminates any pollutants and contaminants in the water. It improves the overall quality of the surface and groundwater.

Permeable paving materials are notable for their eco-friendly benefits. It’s one of the reasons why they are a top choice for residential and commercial spaces because they not only eliminate the risk of stormwater flooding, due to rain water pooling on the surface, but they also improve the water quality on the ground. It is beneficial in areas with a high probability of erosion because the permeable pavers help to retain the soil. Also, many permeable pavers are made with recycled materials, so they also promote sustainability. Using this paving material can reduce your carbon footprint.

Permeable paving has a variety of uses and applications. It is commonly used in residential properties, such as in driveways, patios, footpaths, pool areas, and other outdoor areas. Permeable pavers are also beneficial in commercial spaces, and you will commonly find them used in parking lots, sidewalks, garden paths, etc. Public spaces like parks, playgrounds, and walking trails also use permeable pavements and are becoming more common than traditional pebble pave. The benefits of using this type of porous materials, such as reducing flooding and water run-off, are some of the reasons why they are a popular choice for commercial and residential customers. The permeable pavement also looks aesthetically pleasing, which is a bonus.

You must make a few considerations before installing permeable pavement. Taking these factors into account ensures that you can get the best performance for the installation:

  • The initial design consideration is the slope of the surface where you plan on installing the new surface, as it determines if this type of paving can eliminate water runoff.
  • The load-bearing capacity of the permeable paving, especially if you intend to use it in high-traffic areas or over vehicles (such as in a parking lot or driveway).
  • The subgrade must be properly prepared and compacted to increase permeability.

StoneSet resin is UV stable making it the most suitable for long life and sustained colour. Flexible and strong, our unique blend allows for flexibility which, is crucial when laying StoneSet around tree roots and when overlaying concrete. The StoneSet resin is strong enough to hold the stone particles in place while maintaining optimum void content to allow for permeability. The resin does not soften in hot weather nor does it crack or lift in freezing temperatures.

StoneSet can be designed to meet all slip resistance standards. We can guide you to a StoneSet mix which will suit each application. For example, for a steep slope we would recommend using a crushed rock, which has a great long-lasting slip resistance. We incorporate sand into the mix, which not only improves strength, appearance and ease of laying, but it provides an instant slip resistance and takes that immediate shine off the surface. We cast glass dust or sand over the curing surface to provide an instant anti-slip finish.
We always ensure the optimum resin content for the aggregate blend and expected traffic, specific to each project. Binder content is key – too much resin makes the permeability suffer and handling is difficult. Too little resin results in diminished strength, flexibility, and durability. Particles of aggregate can work loose if insufficient resin is used. We have this covered by sending pre-weighed and batched materials to site so the ratio is always perfect, thus giving us the confidence to provide a 10-year gaurantee on our installs.

We provide a wide range of colours and textures to help enable you to have freedom to design and create in your paving. To ensure your chosen colour is used, identify the name and product code of the stone and send us a message with it.

All colours can be found on our colours page.

Yes! Logos, numbers, letters, artwork and so much more… There is no limit to the design possibilities with StoneSet paving. The designs are either created using a template or a permanent edge detail, depending on the design. Call us to discuss any ideas and we can advise how best to re-create the design in your paving.

Although our head office is in Sydney, we have trusted permeable paving driveway installers all across Australia!

Whether you’re in Kellyville, Central Coast, Newcastle, or outside of NSW, we can help organise a local permeable paving installer nearest to you install our StoneSet products.

Our footprint goes far and wide and far, with having accredited permeable paving installers in Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth, as well as regional areas across all states.

Simply reach out to our team and we’ll let you know if we have installers operating in your area.

Slip Resistant Icon Green 128x128
Slip Resistant

Smooth yet slip-rated for external use on ramps.

10 Years Guaranteed Icon Green 128x128
10 Year Guarantee

All of our installs are backed by a 10-year guarantee.

No Loose Stones Icon Green 128x128
No Loose Stone

Strong, durable bond even under vehicular traffic.

Australian Made Icon Green 128x128
Australian Made

Our products are locally sourced and manufactured.

Hear from Our Happy Customers

Swaroop Batajoo
Swaroop Batajoo
Working with StoneSet was a great experience from start to finish. Andy and Tori were a pleasure to collaborate with, fostering a remarkable team culture and seamless teamwork their professionalism were evident throughout the project.
Luke Momirovski
Luke Momirovski
From enquiring to having our driveway completed the whole process was seamless. Tanya in the office promptly provided an estimate and sent samples out. Andy came onsite to inspect the job and we workshopped a few things to ensure the end result was incredible. Adrian and the boys did a fantastic job laying our new driveway. Everyone was friendly, informative and of a high quality. It gives you the feeling of a family run business that everyone is proud and happy to work at. Our new driveway is definitely a head turner with many people stopping to comment as we set about finishing the landscaping. I would have no hesitation in recommending the fabulous team at Stoneset for your next project.
Massimo Montefusco
Massimo Montefusco
We have been using Stone Set products in our projects for at least 5 -7 years, and as a professional I always looking for the best products in the market and outcome. Stone set is the best alternative way to transform any hard surface. I am looking forward to use this permeable material for our next project. Maxi Green Landscaping
Bijay Mainali
Bijay Mainali
Debra Mansell
Debra Mansell
So impressed with everyone at StoneSet! Prompt responses to all communication, incredibly professional staff and a beautiful product giving us a superb result. We are delighted with the new finish on our driveway!
George Arnare
George Arnare
Finally after years of issues with the deco granite and plumbing woes I can find solace and enjoyment in my little piece of Heaven thanks to Adrian, Tori and the team at Stoneset. No more dirt getting into the house. Feels good underfoot (I do daily yoga outside) and it looks fantastic. Also not a single pebble has come loose, even though up to 10% is considered normal. My experience of StoneSet is a rare one of professionals doing what they say they will do, when and with manners. They were in and out within 4hrs. No fuss, no mess. Too easy. Thank you!
Lori Femia
Lori Femia
I’ve been following Stoneset on Facebook for a few years and was impressed with the many photos of before and after transformations. Our driveway was paved In some spots weeds were growing through making parts of it very slippery when wet. We eventually had Andy out to quote. This product isn’t cheap - but it is amazing. I was impressed with the 10 year warranty and of course the finished product is amazing. What a transformation it has made to my home. I can’t stop looking at it. It looks amazing. Wow what a difference. Just before they worked on my driveway, I had a paving guy doing the pool surround and had to push back the installation of the stoneset permeable paving to my driveways by a week or so and it wasn’t an issue with Adrian and Tanya. The team that worked on the job on the day were the dream team. Very punctual. Cleaned up after themselves and very hardworking. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Stoneset.

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