Choose StoneSet For Your Next Overlay Paving Project

When it’s time to update your pavement, you’re going to want a solution that is durable, affordable, and versatile.


Green paving – The use of porous paving

Most traditional paving methods are detrimental to the environment – some more than others.  Roads constructed with impervious materials disrupt the recharging of aquifers and parch the soil.


Porous Paving Works Great For Schools

If you are in the process of renovating or building a school, you are probably giving some serious thought to the surfaces involved. You may want to consider porous paving for it because it has a few benefits that are particularly good for schools.


Colourful Porous Paving Applications

With 24 different natural colours of stone and 6 vibrant colours of recycled glass, StoneSet offers the freedom of creativity and a cool porous paving product for all your landscaping needs.


3 Advantages of Green Paving

It seems you can’t turn around these days without hearing about this or that now being “green”. From energy, to product manufacturing, to transportation, people are growing increasingly concerned about their impact on the environment. We even have green paving, which allows water to drain through it and back into the water table.


Many Commercial Industries Are Discovering The Benefits of Using Porous Paving

Porous paving provides a cost-effective solution for many paving projects in retail, educational, and commercial industries. Pre-existing base materials can be recycled and used for the new base thereby reducing the cost of disposing of the old pavement and purchasing new supplies.


The Architect’s Choices in Surface Material and its Impact on the Land

As an architect, there are many variables to consider when designing for a client. Being environmentally conscious in today’s world is as important as any architectural choice.


Will Demand For Green Paving Continue?

Back in 2012, according to Green Biz, there was a massive demand for green and renewable products and services. What had been smaller, more niche industries were booming as customers big and small demanded their products. It was impossible for suppliers to keep up with demand, and it seemed like everyone was trying to go green all at once.

Over the next five years, the supply of green products and services managed to increase. However, instead of slackening, the demand for these goods only seems to have gone up. In fact, even products which would have been considered niche in the past are now seeing an increased demand because of the benefits they offer.

Green paving is a product that has gained a great deal of visibility over the past few years, and has no small amount of interest. In short, this paving is riddled with tiny holes, which allows water to drain through it instead of pooling on top of it. The water passes through several layers of filtration to trap contaminants, and it is then returned to the local water table.


This pavement has been used for parking lots, driveways, garden paths, and other applications, and its ability to return water directly to the ground is appealing to those who want an ecologically friendly building material. While it has not become the standard, replacing more traditional forms of concrete and asphalt, interest in the pavement that doesn’t require an additional drainage solution doesn’t seem to have gone down. If anything, as technology advances, there is an increased interest in this material.


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