StoneSet Renovation Project

Autumn has fallen upon you like the urgent need to renovate the front of the house. Do you have a slippery warped asphalt or cracked concrete driveway? Is your concrete pathway starting to crumble?


Hardscaping Parched Property the Easy Way

Do you have a dried up lawn in your back yard that is beyond repair?


Green Home Building and Hardscaping

Green home building practices, now required by law in most places in Australia, consider the impacts of building and landscaping on the environment to improve built environments and to preserve the planet for future generations. Building and landscaping alter environments around, so residential building contractors need to make every effort possible to ensure that their building practices reduce impacts or improve the environment around the house they build.

Each house requires a driveway, front walk, entrance way or porch, and a back patio when built.That’s a lot of concrete! Concrete production is one of the largest contributors to increasing carbon emissions changing our climate. Eliminating concrete applications is one major way to save the planet.

The environment is StoneSet’s main concern in creating porous paving products for an extensive list of hardscaping applications that last and require no maintenance. Porous paving filters water to deeper into the soil and prevent those nasty run-off polluting rivers and streams.

When building a new driveway, the homeowner has overall responsibility for the building works on site, and reputable builders and trades are of course required, to be certified and abide by all environmental and safety rules with regard to construction.


  • StoneSet binds stone with a resin material that leaves natural voids between stones to allow water to pass through to water lawns, trees, and landscaping.
  • More water makes any environment healthier, and thus the family living there will thrive.
  • StoneSet’s 24 colours of natural stone and 6 colours of recycled glass please custom home designs where homeowners get to choose their colours.
  • Homeowners enjoy the option to contact us directly for hardscape designs beyond required paved surfaces that building contractors generally provide. They may wish to add StoneSet features like garden paths, equipment pads, grill pads, fountain pads, tree surrounds, gazebo or greenhouse floors, and more to add to builders’ options while construction is underway.
  • Address numerals inlaid into curbs increases the curb appeal and overall safety of your built communities.

  • Lighter colours of natural stone keep properties cooler in the hot Australian sun.
  • StoneSet is guaranteed for ten years, but designed to last for 25 years despite harsh conditions and no maintenance requirements.
  • StoneSet eliminates concrete applications, and eliminates the problems with concrete like cracking, crumbling, and discoloration.
  • StoneSet is aesthetically pleasing to the senses and complementary to any architectural design whether rustic, traditional, or contemporary, or futuristic.
  • Environmentally friendly StoneSet porous paving is the way to go for building contractors for cost-effective beautiful hardscaping.


Contact us to create StoneSet setting for your residential housing developments and to stop using concrete whenever you can.

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Enhance your Garden with StoneSet Hardscaping

Enhance your garden with StoneSet’s hardscaping designs this autumn. Autumn in Australia is a beautiful time of year to do some meaningful work in the garden. It’s not too hot or too cold and the air is dry.


Residential StoneSet Applications

StoneSet offers a perfect product for homeowners and landscaping contractors with endless possibilities for applications around the house. Here is a sample showcase of possibilities, but the only limit is your creativity.


Artistic Pool Surrounds

Is the concrete around your in-ground swimming pool chipped, cracked, or is it old and in need of replacement?


3 Ways to Use StoneSet Around The House

StoneSet is a simple porous paving solution that lets you take gravel, and keep it all together. However, most people think it’s only for driveways. If you’re a homeowner, though, there are all kinds of projects StoneSet could be used for. As an example, StoneSet is ideal when it comes to…