Why incorporate StoneSet in your lanscaping projects for your clients

Hardscaping has hit the market as the residential landscaping choice. With winter approaching, you are thinking of the best way to spruce your landscaping deals with new trends. In recent years, the home landscaping trends led landscapers to focus on raising sustainable garden beds for food production and adding features such as waterfalls, fancy fountains and koi fish ponds for a local ecosystem.


Consider StoneSet to Enhance Your House

Driveways, walkways, roads, and more. There is an array of options to choose from when considering the best material to use for these areas. An aspect that homeowners and businesses often overlook is the environment. Manufactured concrete is one of the top causes of CO2 exhalation into the atmosphere, which leads us to realise that may not be the best option. One great choice that is not only environmentally friendly but also beneficial in many other ways is Porous Paving by StoneSet


Hardscaping: The New Trend for your Yard

Hardscaping, the newest designer trend in landscaping, focuses on the hard flat surfaces you drive or walk on around your home such as your driveway, front pathway and entranceway, garden pathways, patios, pool surrounds, pond paths etc. StoneSet transforms your landscaping designs into beautiful fancy hardscaping for a long-lasting aesthetically pleasing effect to get your neighbours and guests excited to visit your home.


Incorporating StoneSet in Landscaping Projects for Clients

Residential landscaping contractors enjoy incorporating StoneSet’s porous and overlay paving into landscaping and hardscaping designs for their clients.


Hardscaping: 3 Benefits of This Landscaping Trend

When you think of landscaping, chances are you imagine lush lawns, full flower beds, and carefully pruned trees. What you might not be thinking of though, are gravel walking paths, paved patios, or retaining walls.


3 Reasons to Use StoneSet to Enhance Your Home

Are you renovating or updating your home? Before pouring any concrete or laying paths, consider these three ways porous paving could benefit your project.


Hardscaping: Easy on the Eyes

Hardscaping products and ideas hit the market this autumn as the new focus trend in landscaping for residential properties. In recent years, emphasis in home and garden advertising led homeowners to concentrate on building and developing sustainable raised garden beds for home food production, adding backyard koi fish ponds for mini-ecosystems, and adding water features like fancy fountains and waterfalls for soothing sound effects. Often, homeowners neglected to finish landscaping around these wonderful value adding features reducing the aesthetic appeal.


Landscaping Contractors – StoneSet

Busy Australian landscaping contractors looking for new ideas and new products to suggest to their clients find that StoneSet pleases and impresses the toughest kinds of clients with the very highest demands.

Today, hardscaping is the hot new trend in landscaping. StoneSet simply makes any hardscape design possible and has many advantages over other hardscaping materials. Impress your residential and commercial clients with your knowledge of the benefits of hardscaping with StoneSet.

StoneSet’s green hardscaping product actually helps the environment around a home or building. StoneSet binds recycled stone aggregates together leaving natural voids between stones for air and water to pass through which is much healthier for the planet.

All StoneSet products are porous, for paving that creates a hardwearing surface suitable for vehicular traffic, but also one that allows water to pass through to the soil to provide more rainwater water to lawns and other living landscaping plant materials and to reduce irrigation costs.

Water conservation, reducing run-off that damages streams and rivers, and a cooler surface temperature are three main environmentally friendly reasons to use StoneSet for driveways, carports, pads, patios, and pathways instead of concrete or asphalt. See our website to learn more about porous paving.

Hardscaping, once considered boring flat work that does nothing to flatter one’s property, is now a colourful and exciting trend that will become tradition. StoneSet’s design possibilities and amazing results aesthetically please the eye. Add creative curb appeal to residential homes, and make your homeowner clients proud and their neighbours jealous.



StoneSet’s palette of 24 colours of natural stone and 6 vibrant colours of recycled glass give landscapers a license to impress their clients with their most artistic design talents. Lighter colours of natural stone cool the temperature of the land around a home property, and darker colours of natural stone, and bright colours of recycled glass make artful accents in any residential landscape design. Colours can be used to inlay corporate logos or brand names into a property’s paving in parking lots or entry ways. Add StoneSet’s possibilities to your portfolio!

See StoneSet’s portfolio, testimonials, and picture gallery here for some ideas to get you started and contact us for technical advice and information to provide to your clients for their next hardscaping projects.

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