Overlay Paving – If It Isn’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

How many times have you found yourself staring out at your garden path, or your walkways, and winced at the state of repair they’re in? There may be divots in the stone, it’s dingy, or it’s just plain ugly. You can remember how sleek and smooth it looked when it was new, but those days are long behind you. You know you should replace it, but that would cost a shiny penny. And there’s nothing wrong with it when it comes down to the foundation: it’s just the surface that’s become unsightly.

Which is why, before you do anything else, you should make sure the solution you’re proposing is going to fix the problem you have.


When you find yourself facing a situation like this, it’s important to remember that your existing pavement isn’t the problem. Fundamentally, it is still serving the function it was intended to do. It isn’t cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged… it just needs a cosmetic fix.

If your car had nicks and scratches on it, would you scrap it and buy a new car? Of course not. You’d take it into the professionals, and have it repainted.

That is precisely what overlay paving does for your problematic surfaces. The overlay covers and protects the damaged surface, presenting a more attractive layer for people to see. An overlay can be put on in a fraction of the time, and can provide a more affordable solution to an existing pavement entirely. Even better, it uses fewer resources and doesn’t require you to dispose of any old pavement. You just lay down a fresh top layer, and you’re giving your same reliable walkway a dazzling new look.

If you have questions about overlay paving, or you’re trying to find the option that’s right for your needs, contact us today!

Keep School Pool Areas Safe with StoneSet

Many schools today are embracing swimming pools as a great way to get aerobic exercise. In fact, a lot of schools are forming swim teams and competing in regular swim meets. The schools have done a tremendous job in keeping pools safe, but accidents do still happen. As it turns out, a substantial percentage of these accidents occur outside of the school pool.

Puddles of Water

The area around a pool is prone to have standing water from people entering and exiting the water. Proper drainage could help, but someone who is just leaving a pool can create a hazard by dripping on the ground where they are walking. If you consider several swimmers or a class exiting a pool at the same time, the problem becomes much worse.

StoneSet can help schools avoid this potential safety issue. The naturally porous quality of its construction allows StoneSet to facilitate the draining of pool water. Since this happens immediately, one or more people exiting the pool will not need to walk in puddles of water.

Don’t forget walkways leading from a pool. Over the course of a day, water can quickly collect and create a walking hazard. StoneSet in these areas can alleviate the problem while providing a long-lasting and pleasing solution.

Texture to Aid Traction

Traction is essential to a swimmer since they are more than likely going to be barefoot. A slick concrete surface does not provide much traction for a wet foot. StoneSet, with its naturally textured surface, allows bare feet to gain better traction, significantly reducing the chance of a slip or fall.

Durability to Last

StoneSet is not adversely affected by continued exposure to chlorine or salt water. This means that StoneSet will continue to protect swimmers entering and exiting the pool for years to come. Other solutions, such as mats by the pool, require upkeep and service to maintain them as well as expensive replacements as they wear out. StoneSet protects your investment.

Fits the Pool Environment

Today’s pools are being built with a design in mind. Many have a defined colour palette that is pleasing to the eyes. StoneSet has a natural finish that is available in a vast colour range that will fit any pool design. The colour choice can extend to the pool while protecting from water puddles.

StoneSet can be a natural fit for many school pool areas, thanks to its textured surface and long-lasting properties that are impervious to chlorine and salt water. Contact us today to see how we can help solve your pool walkway issues.

Creating a Green Environment for Schools with StoneSet

Nothing is as uplifting and motivating for students and staff alike, as a safe, appealing, and nature-friendly environment at school. Whether students are in primary-school, high-school, or beyond, students want to feel confident while playing or walking around their learning institutions. Surrounding students with an environmentally friendly setting can even enhance their interest and understanding of environmental issues.


For most school administrators, however, creating those surroundings seems like an impossible undertaking. Not just the construction costs and the time needed to complete the project, but the maintenance of keeping the environment clean and tidy are major concerns.

Luckily there is a solution: you can provide your students and staff with an attractive, easy to clean, and environmentally friendly alternative with StoneSet’s Porous Paving. This type of pavement can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your school compound and increase the slipware rating of your pathways and playgrounds. Here’s how:


Porous paving is an excellent choice for school grounds because it allows water to drain quickly; thus you don’t have to worry about puddles when it rains. More importantly, however, if your learning institution has plants and trees around the compounds, StoneSet experts can help you tap excess water from the playground to sustain the surrounding foliage.


StoneSet has a design life of up to 25 years making it a cost-effective solution for high traffic areas such as school pathways, sidewalks, bike lanes, and playgrounds.


You can quickly clean StoneSet by sweeping off dirt or foliage from its surface. StoneSet can also be cleaned using a pressure washer, without affecting its durability.


Your school’s crest or logos can easily be integrated into the porous paving which enhances brand promotion. Our crushed stones also come in a wide range of colours which you can use to improve your school’s image and identity.


For many school administrators, installing new pavement may seem like a complicated, extensive, and time-consuming project. At StoneSet we understand that avoiding significant interference with the learning process is critical. StoneSet is a quick lay system –up to 150m2 can be laid per day.

To learn more about StoneSet products and how our team can help you design a green and safe environment for your school, contact us today.

Read more on how to use StoneSet for Commercial Applications in our free guide:

StoneSet Commercial applications

How to Meet Your Council’s Permeability Requirements

Paving is a great way to enhance your exterior living spaces. However, if not sufficiently porous, these landscaping features often cause drainage complications in major towns and cities. The environmental impact of building non-porous paving is dire, and it is why various councils all over Australia emphasise Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD).

We are here to help you put up excellent paving for your driveway, walkway, or carpark while meeting the permeability requirements of your local council.

High Permeability Rates

StoneSet paving lets excess (storm) water permeate through the surface at rates of up to 96 litres per square metre every second! The solution employs a combination of a resin and aggregate to achieve that. Just the right amount of resin provides a solid coat and helps keep the stone firmly in place. Additionally, the spaces in the aggregate support the permeability levels that many local authorities require.

Porous Enough, Yet Strong

Permeable paving seems a go-to solution for walkways, but what if you are building a car-park or laying pavement for heavy-duty application? StoneSet paving can withstand loads most commercial; loads whilst remaining fully regulation-compliant. Thanks to its extremely porous 52mm gravel layer, the material still lets water through at environmentally-friendly rates.

A Fine Surface Grip

The texture of StoneSet ensures a solid grip, which is great for vehicles as well as people on foot. Boasting a slip wear rating of R11, the finish has a broad spectrum of external applications, including ramps, whether it’s raining or not!

StoneSet has the properties required to help meet paving permeability specifications in several council jurisdictions, including Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Randwick City, and Melbourne City.

You can use the material to build driveways, walkways, or car-parks that don’t encourage localised flooding in the event of storms. Contact us for help with the set-up of stunning landscaping features that address your local council permeability requirements.

Porous Paving Keeps Your Walking Surface Cool, As Well As Natural

Have you ever stepped outside to get the mail, or let your dog out in the summer? Remember that instant feeling of discomfort when your foot touched the concrete that had been sitting in the hot sun all day? What if that didn’t have to happen? If, even on hot, sunny days you could walk down your front path in bare feet, or relax on your patio, without worrying about slipping on a pair of shoes before you stepped outside?


Well, if you’re after a surface that’s cooler to the touch, then you should consider porous paving solutions. Porous Paving Keeps Things Cool As the city government of Austin, Texas pointed out to residents, traditional pavement left in the hot sun absorbs heat. Dark colours absorb heat, as we all know, but solid pavement like concrete also sucks in heat, creating a heat island effect.

On the other hand, porous walking surface allows for ventilation in the same way they allow for drainage. This means that these surfaces aren’t as hot during the day, but it also means that when the sun goes down they have less banked heat to give off during the night. If your home is surrounded by pavement that’s holding onto the heat during the day, and heating up the area at night, keeping cool becomes a near impossibility.

By installing porous paving solutions, you allow for any water to soak into the ground instead of running off the pavement. Water, much like the day’s heat, will slide straight through the pavement and start to evaporate. This process, called the wicking effect, in turn cools the air. Which can be a lifesaver if you want to keep your pavement cool in the heat. More so, allowing rainwater to soak back into the ground and evaporate has tremendous benefits to your natural surroundings. For more benefits about what porous paving can do for your landscape, simply contact us today!

How the StoneSet enables you to fulfill council requirements

You could be asking yourself “Do I require planning permission if I want to pave my driveway or garden?” Don’t worry; you are not alone. Council requirements in Australia can be hard to understand.


Sustainability is the Future. StoneSet is Already There

It’s no secret that there has been a recent trend in preference given to sustainable, environmentally friendly, and conscientious options for near everything from all facets of life. In a recent survey, this trend was highlighted further, showing the expected consumer demand for such products: 83.3% are predicted to want native plants, 80% low-maintenance landscapes, and 74% are likely to prioritise permeable paving. With the growing awareness of the impact humans have on our planet, this should come as no surprise: people are realizing that we all should do our part in keeping the planet healthy and unharmed.