Why Choose StoneSet – All of The Strength, None of The Hassle

If you’ve been eyeing a bonding agent for the gravel in your landscape, chances are good you’re weighing up a lot of different factors. How difficult is this one to apply?, How much time does it take to dry? Will you need to get a team together to help, and once you have it down how long can you expect it to last before you need to reapply it?

For a product that stands out in all those fields, as well as several others, you need look no further than StoneSet Porous Paving.


Whether you’re putting a surround on your pool, or you just want to keep your walkway in a specific shape, StoneSet won’t let you down. By using StoneSet you can achieve all the low maintenance benefits of hard surfaced areas such as blocks, pavers and concrete. Together with the properties of a soft landscaped lawn or loose gravel, you can meet council requirements and have a positive effect on the environment. Unlike alternative solutions, StoneSet will maintain its porosity as it will not compact or clog over time. And once it’s on, StoneSet will stay in place for years. Even if the area you poured it on sees some heavy traffic, you can count on StoneSet to stand the test of time, and to hold fast.


As we become more aware of our often harmful impact on the environment, we also reflect on our landscaping habits. In the past, there would be incredible waste produced and toxic chemicals would be spread into the ecosystem. Now, thanks to StoneSet, that’s a thing of the past!

StoneSet’s Porous Paving firmly holds gravel and small stones in place. No more will you have to worry about your gravel and other materials becoming scattered, freeing you from having to constantly reapply. It can be used without any special tools or even a professional crew, preventing the disruption and cost that a crew often comes with.

Once the binder is set, it will reduce runoff, puddling, and pollution. This is a major benefit, as runoff regularly sends pollutants into rivers and lakes where it combines with toxic substances, causing harm to us and the environment.


But that’s not all! As the ultimate in sustainable binding, StoneSet protects against erosion, often a side effect of runoff. Large streams of water move across the ground and slowly wearing it down, damaging your yard over time. StoneSet Porous Paving is carefully designed to last in your landscape for up to 25 years.

What is more, despite the sturdy appearance, it’s porous quality leaves natural spaces, allowing water to pass through and keep your plant-life healthy. There’s no reason you should have to choose between securing your yard and nourishing your flora. Maintenance is also a breeze. Simply use a leaf blower (or, better yet, a broom) to clear the area every so often and that’s it!

StoneSet is committed to preserving planet health and is proud to lead the way in sustainable landscaping. We love working on all size projects, both directly with homeowners and trade professionals from small pathways to large commercial projects. Call us today to have a chat with our knowledgeable and enthusiastic team.

Hardscaping Your Backyard To Update Your House’s Look

Sometimes yards start looking…dated. The bland open lawns and tired flower beds get a bit old after many years. That’s why hardscapes made with porous pavement are making such headway in landscaping design.

Paths, patios, and tracks provide an exciting design twist to a yard’s look, and they refresh all the other elements in the landscape. StoneSet particularly is great for updating your yards look. Here are 3 reasons to touch up your yard with porous pavement hardscapes using StoneSet.



Stoneset can be made into surfaces of any shape. It can make patios that fit the back of any house and paths that go anywhere. To add to your design options, there are 6 colours to choose from. This lets you customise your look. Want to evoke an English rose garden? Bright white paths will match this look. Want a futurist style? Black and grey patios will be your friend. You can write messages on your patios, create geometric shapes on your paths, and go wild with the design. This means that your yard is practically guaranteed to be unique.


Hardscapes are natural focal points. They stand out against vegetation and break up landscapes so they draw the eye. This means that a small addition can renew your backyard completely. These effects can be subtle, too. A meandering path brings a whole new perspective to your plants without necessarily calling attention to itself. This improves the style in the long-term.


The drawback of many trends is that they often take a lot of work and time. They are designed to prove that you have resources to spare. This is not the case with hardscapes created with StoneSet. The most maintenance it needs is a brushing or a power washing once a year. It’s hassle-free, and it even saves you money by allowing water to drip through it to the roots of plants.

If your backyard is starting to feel a little tired, StoneSet can be the product that perks it up. Contact usto see what a little hardscaping might do for your home.

StoneSet – Large Scale Project Misconceptions Debunked

Loose gravel and garden stones are very popular in the landscaping world. They look nice, add dimension and they are easier to maintain then mulch. But you may not always consider it for your larger projects, as it may seem too costly in both actual cost and in time. StoneSet is however, an affordable solution and can be laid quite quickly – with 150m2 easily installed per day.

With StoneSet Porous Paving, you can have the best of  both worlds.  In short, ever even large-scale projects can use StoneSet to have a positive effect on not only our own environment but the whole planet. And the best thing? It isn’t nearly as costly as you may think.


Laying a porous paving for commercial use probably takes less time than you think. Although it varies from project to project, consider this: at the Sydney Observatory we paved over 1000m2  to our high quality standards in only 10 days. The paving was placed to seamlessly fit in with the heritage nature of the site, while meeting the accessibility requirements of today. Our porous paving was a perfect alternative that matched the existing red granite but offered a long lasting, low maintenance and easy to traffic solution.

StoneSet Porous Paving is also much more suitable for commercial projects and heavy-traffic use than you may have considered. Whilst the pavements remains fully porous strength is not compromised and yes, large trucks can drive on it. Consequently, StoneSet can improve yours hard to soft landscape ratio.

How we do we do this? By using a resin and aggregate blend that provides a surface with a high enough void content to allow rain water to permeate, reaching up to 96ltrs/m2/second. Building from the bottom we compact 3 layers of no fines road base. We then top this with a layer of 52 mm recycled plastic Gravel/Drainage Cell, which is backfilled with 6-10mm recycled aggregate. Finally, StoneSet is applied over the top at 25 mm depth. Leaving you with an incredibly sturdy layer for even the heaviest of use.


StoneSet is suitable for a large variety of different implementations. Whatever your paving project, we have you covered:

  • Driveways
  • Pathways
  • Tree Surrounds
  • Courtyards
  • Playground
  • Pool Surrounds
  • Art Features

Please feel free to contact us with any of your questions, and check out our blog for even more ideas and creative ways to use StoneSet.

Why Your School Should Forget About Its Old Hardscape

In the busy day-to-day of many schools, there’s often not a lot of priority put on the hardscape surrounding it. After all, hardscapes are nothing more than something to walk on– or are they? So often we see school playgrounds filled with sand, gravel, and rubber mulch. Which are not the safest, most heat-resistant, and most environmentally-friendly options, especially for a hardscape that will mostly be used by children. Here is why schools should be adopting porous pavement instead of “traditional” school hardscape.


First and foremost, we think that grip is one of the key elements to hardscapes specifically those that cater to children. Children love to run around, so finding paving solutions that help prevent slipping and falling is important. After all, you can’t prevent children from being children, but you can try to prevent them from hurting themselves. Our Class V porous pavements grip ultra-tight and prevent slips.


Finding ways to go green is effective at cutting away at your bottom line, improving your image, and teaching children a valuable lesson on environmental responsibility. Our porous pavement solutions are a great step forward in the realm of green hardscapes. Porous pavement lets water seep through, which avoids drying out the surface below and drains or pools from forming during heavy rain. Porous pavement allows the soil underneath to soak up all of the water, which then spreads to the greenery around.


There are many benefits to using StoneSet porous pavement as your hardscape solution. Here is a list of some of the great things that our porous pavement can give you.

  • Customizability: We can make our pavement look any way you want. Want your school logo embedded in the pavement? No problem. Your school colours? No problem. We can customise every detail to your liking.
  • Puddle Proof: StoneSets tiny voids will ensure the rain runs straight through the surface – instead of pooling on top.
  • Long Lasting: We have a 10-year guarantee on our products and a design life of 25 years.  You will be using our hardscapes for years to come.
  • Easy-Clean: Cleaning our pavings is super-easy. The school janitor can simply spray them down with a hose. Is there anything easier than that?

We think that the time has come for schools to revolutionise their hardscapes. Why use rubber that heats up too quickly, or sand that gets soggy in the rain, or buckshot that hurts feet and gets super hot in the summer?

Are you a school looking to get more information on our porous paving and considering making the switch to StoneSet porous pavement? Contact us today.

How to Use Overlay Paving to Revitalize a Project While Saving Money

Sure, your old hardscape may be cracked, split, or fractured, but it could still be strong enough to provide the foundation for a beautiful new piece of pavement. Why rip up a solid foundation just because it’s starting to wear down?

There are plenty of reasons to restructure your worn-out overlay pavement, by using it as the foundation for a vibrant new hardscape. Here are some benefits of using overlay paving.



Cost: Cost is a factor in any construction project, big or small. Save some of that budget for other areas of the construction and save yourself or your client a mint. Overlay paving reduces costs overall since the structural foundation is already present.

Environmentally-friendly: Using overlay paving prevents the existing structural foundation from being torn up and thrown into a landfill. Overlay paving is a greener, more environmentally-friendly option.

Makeover: Using overlay paving is a fantastic way to breathe a fresh new aesthetic into the old pavement. At StoneSet, we will work with you every step of the way when it comes to appearances. Typically, this involves custom advice on every structural and aesthetic option on what you can do with our product. Curious? Check our image gallery on past projects we’ve run.

Bases: You don’t necessarily need a concrete foundation. We have worked with all types of bases during our many years doing overlays. Are you working with a driveway made of metal and want an overlay? We’ve seen it, and we’ve done it.

In-and-out: StoneSet overlay paving is quick. We can be in and out before you know it. We are fast, quiet, and with a curing time of just 24 hours for pedestrian traffic and 48 hours for vehicular, expect your project to be complete in a flash.

Grip: We can’t speak for all overlay paving on this one, but StoneSet’s overlay paving is textured and thus provides a high grip rating. Our class V paving prevents slips and falls and grips wheelchairs with ease.

If you are thinking about using overlay paving for an upcoming project, please feel free to contact us!

Overlay Paving – A Simple Way You Can Go Green

When people hear the phrase green construction, they always tend to imagine tearing out whatever structure already exists to put in something that’s more eco-friendly. However, something that a lot of people don’t consider is that anything you tear down creates waste. It has to be broken up, hauled away, and the remnants disposed of.

Breaking down existing structures takes a lot of energy (electricity and fuel to power the tools necessary), hauling it away takes fuel (often enough for several trips), and then the remnants need to either be recycled (which takes more energy) or tossed into a landfill.

A lot of us forget that, sometimes, the greenest thing we can do is to take care of what already exists, so there’s no need to spend excess energy or create additional waste. That is where overlay paving comes in.


Take a long, hard look at your paving. Now, ask yourself if it genuinely needs replacing. Because if it’s still fundamentally sound, installing a new pavement (even if that new pavement is more eco-friendly than the existing one) is going to waste a perfectly functional pavement and create a lot of unnecessary waste.

If your existing pavement has surface damage, or you want to make it look like new, then what you need is overlay paving. This type of pavement adds a top layer to an existing structure, which uses less time, less energy, and fewer resources than an entirely new installation. You get to cover up and protect minor damage before it becomes a problem. And to the untrained eye, it looks like you have a whole new pavement. No fuss, and minimal time and effort when compared to a full, top-down replacement.

For more information about overlay paving, as well as other green paving options, contact us today!

StoneSet’s Slip Resistance Helps Everyone

From hospitals to playgrounds, campuses to shopping centres and beyond, paved areas are at constant risk of becoming a liability.

Traditional design has been stuck in a rut, relying on the same solid concrete slabs that collect water on their surface whenever it rains.

Accumulated moisture turns outdoor areas into health hazards for our loved ones, and liabilities for businesses. There is a newer, safer solution.

StoneSet’s permeable paving process is the answer. By using locally sourced and recycled materials, we can create an aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, and most importantly human-friendly alternative to the concrete and asphalt of yesteryear.

Two key differences set us above and beyond in slip resistance. The porous nature of our material allows moisture to drain into the ground beneath, reducing pooling and the creation of slick patches. Second, by casting a layer of sand on the surface, we can provide an instant anti-slip finish.

Our wide range of materials in various sizes can be laid in beautiful combinations of shapes to create awe-inspiring outdoor displays while at the same time keeping those on it safer than traditional building materials.

The concrete benefits of StoneSet’s porous paving technology are clear. Peace of mind is much harder to measure, but no less important.

StoneSet is perfect for commercial and private applications. Whether it be for customers and clients, or friends and family, from young to old. You can rest assured that StoneSet’s solution is quicker to install, more environmentally friendly, longer lasting, more visually appealing, and safer. We can’t wait to work with you!

Please contact us today and let us know how we can help make those close to you even safer.

Porous Pavement – The Pro’s and Con’s of Going Green

Let’s talk about “Going Green”. You hear the word tossed around a lot, and its’ meaning seems to draw a fine line between environmental awareness and publicity. In an effort to be transparent, we are going to draw up a list of pros and — strangely enough — cons of using porous paving as part of your green project.

As part of the Master Builders Association and the CarbonNeutral movement, we believe that honesty breeds business. So let’s take a deeper look at porous pavement and see if the solution is right for you.


  • Not Superman: Our porous pavement is strong, strong enough to handle heavy vehicles and a good amount of vehicular traffic. That being said, if you are looking to apply this pavement to airports or high traffic highways, it may not be the ideal pavement for you. While we claim to have the strongest porous pavement around, traditional asphalt is thicker and better suited for places where planes or a large number of heavy vehicles are passing through.
  • Wash: Unfortunately particles may still build up and collect over long periods of time when you are using permeable pavings. With our porous pavement, a simple jet wash should take care of this issue. Only cleaning the pavement once a year will be enough when using StoneSet.
  • Inexperienced Contractors: This is a general con of permeable pavements; inexperienced contracts can do a ton of damage. Porous pavement requires special equipment, materials, and training to properly put into place. Using people who are not trained or do not have the sufficient equipment can lead to major problems with your new hardscape. This is why we recommend that you should always look for the Master Builders certificate.
  • Cost: The materials and labour for putting in porous pavement are typically more expensive. The material is specialized and so is the labour. For the best quality, it does take time and money.


  • Green: Porous pavement allows water to seep through. This water then reaches the soil below, spreading out into the greens around the pavement. Instead of water collecting in storm drains, the water is used functionally.
  • Trees: Porous pavement allows tree roots to spread without sacrificing the integrity of the hardscape.
  • Cost: Even though the material and labor are more expensive, using porous pavement prevents you from having to spend money on drainage systems, prevents watering costs on plants, reduces slippage and puddles that can congest traffic and bog down consumers, as well as allows you to have a hardscape that is classified as a “softscape”. In the end, you will save more money.
  • 10-Year Guarantee: All of our porous pavings come with a 10-year guarantee. The hardscapes themselves are built to last an incredible 25 years.
  • Grip and Slip: Porous pavement prevents puddles from becoming too large and has a firm grip. This reduces the chances of slips and falls.
  • Customize It: All of our pavings are fully customizable.

Clearly, the pros far outweigh the cons and we hope that you will take all of this into consideration before making your next choice. Why not check out our testimonials section to see how customers are enjoying our porous pavements.

If you have any more questions or would like to know if your project is a good fit with porous pavement, feel free to contact us.

StoneSet is the Perfect Green Option for Your Construction Projects


Is your development company looking to go green? Then you’re not alone. Environmental consciousness is becoming a marketable commodity. Customers want products that reduce waste, create opportunities for natural growth, and are environmental-friendly.



When it comes to hardscapes, look no further than StoneSet, the best-in-class porous pavement solution. But what exactly are the benefits of using StoneSet porous pavement as your hardscaping go-to?

  • Drip-Through: Porous pavement was originally designed for flood mitigation, and that original design still holds true. StoneSet pavement lets water drip through, allowing the water to seep through to the soil below and out into the surrounding greenery.
  • Gripping Power: Porous pavement has a firm grip, perfect for places with high-traffic walking.
  • Puddle-Prevention: Porous pavement prevents puddles from getting too large, which can often cause problems in areas that see a lot of pedestrians.
  • Easy-Clean: StoneSet’s pavement is easy-to-clean and is entirely pressure-washer safe.
  • Pollutant Control: Water dripping through StoneSet’s porous pavement will go straight to the earth instead of ending up in a storm drain or in large puddles that will eventually evaporate in the sun.
  • 10-Year Guarantee/25-Year Life: StoneSet’s porous pavement is designed to last for 25 years. It also comes with a 10-year guarantee; how about that!
  • Customisation: Do you need white traffic lines? Want a logo set on your pavement? Have ideas for a crazy design? No problem! It’s simple and easy to customise StoneSet’s porous pavement. We’ll let our picture gallery speak for itself on this one.
  • Proudly Australian: We are a proud Australian company with deep ties to the Australian Master Builders Association.
  • Greener Option: Using our porous pavement gives your clientele an environmentally friendly option. This greener alternative can often help you retain business and offer a variety of options to clients that are focused on environmental consciousness. We are a proud supporter of CarbonNeutral.


  • Provide wheelchair gripping, anti-slip, environmentally conscious pavement to hospitals.
  • Give schools less to worry about with faster water draining on those rain heavy days.
  • Give parking spaces a lot less splashing on rainy days, while efficiently applying that perfect white-line.
  • Lessen slip chances around pools and outdoor areas with lots of water exposure.
  • Do you want lots of greenery around the pavement? Great! Porous pavement will make that greenery a bit greener by providing it with more water.

If you are looking to give your customer a more environmentally friendly option, StoneSet will provide an affordable solution that looks and feels great, comes with a 10-year guarantee, and reduces puddles and slipping. All the while making the grass around the pavement a little greener. We stand by our product, and we think you will love to stand on it.

Thinking about making the switch to a greener product that looks amazing, grips tight, and doesn’t break the bank? Explore some of our options on our products page, request a sample, or contact us.

StoneSet Is Recommended By Councils

As a property owner, it can be an enjoyable experience to design the exterior landscape of your home; everything can be tailored to your wants and needs. It all comes down to the amount of space required for vehicles, the incorporation of shrubs and trees, or whether or not an in-ground swimming pool for those hot summer days is needed. Even though it is a big project, the end result of a beautiful and functional layout is well worth the time and effort. But when planning a design, it is often necessary to take certain legalities into consideration; namely the requirements of council ordinances.

Many communities are becoming aware of the need for higher levels of environmental/land protection. As the population increases and urbanisation covers the country with concrete and asphalt, excess water run-off is causing damage in 2 ways:

  • Bursts of rain create an overwhelming rush into the stormwater systems.
  • Run-off prevents the much-needed water from soaking into the ground for roots to absorb.


While the ratio between hard and soft surfaces will always depend on the desires of individual homeowners or council, there is a great degree of practicality in maintaining a balance between the two.

Grass and other greenery makes a great environment for pets, and also for nurturing skills such as gardening and botany. Unfortunately, it also requires regular maintenance in order to look attractive and healthy. Grass also suffers when trafficked by vehicles and regular pedestrian activity. For those who are looking for a low maintenance surface that is exceptionally durable, yet helps relieve the problem of runoff, many are turning to StoneSet.

Councils across Australia and New Zealand recognise the value of StoneSet, and are recommending it as a highly suitable choice for various applications. The strength of the combined resin and aggregate is strong enough to carry heavy vehicular traffic, yet the porous surface also allows water to seep through.


Whether you need a driveway, pool area, walking path, or tree surrounds, StoneSet is a superior alternative to gravel or concrete. The natural slip-resistance of StoneSet makes it an ideal choice for areas that may become wet, or areas of incline.

After the initial installation, this porous pavement requires very little attention, and a 10-year warranty guarantees a secure and fade-free surface for every client.

Contact StoneSet today, and see what they have to offer!