Roof top refurbishment

The 13 storey Melbourne city complex, Fawkner Towers, was in need of a refurbishment to the popular roof top areas. The dated terracotta tiles were no longer in-line with the evolving atmosphere, and a change had to be made.

When landscaping “goes green”

Going green with your landscaping has many benefits. It keeps set-up and maintenance costs down, it looks beautiful and remains this way for a very long time without the need for constant maintenance. (more…)

Porous Paving: A Win-Win for Your Hardscaping

With summer only a few months away, you’re probably thinking of sprucing up your outdoor space, especially your hardscape. Often, the design of the hardscape is just as fundamental as the house itself.


Commercial Paving by StoneSet

Are you a school, hospital, commercial centre with a car park or paved area which is in need of an update? In that case you might want to install pavement that uses locally sourced recycled or reclaimed materials, and that is handicap accessible.


Backyard Fun: Building a Pool in Your Backyard

Swimming pools are a great addition to homes. Not only do they provide fun and a healthy entertainment for the whole family, but they also add great value to the home.  (more…)

Pave the Way to an Eco-Friendly Driveway

If you always wanted to replace your driveway and are considering an asphalt or old concrete in its place, better think twice.