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Driveway Renovation and Resurfacing

StoneSet recently completed works at a property in the NSW Central Coast to overlay an old concrete tiled driveway.

As part of the property renovation, the driveway was extended on either side of the existing concrete slab. Originally it was thought that the only way to achieve a high-quality finish to the driveway was to completely remove the existing tiles and slab and start completely from scratch.

With landfill waste costs and environmental considerations, this was not deemed the right course of action so after contacting StoneSet it was decided that an overlay of the concrete using 6mm Charcoal would give the finish best matched to the properties new look.

30-year-old tiled driveway renovated

Before StoneSet Tiled Driveway jpg
Driveway boundary extension

Before Tiles

Reflective expansion joints installed

Concrete overlay

Permeable Driveway installation

The installation took just 2 days which included the installation of aluminium control joints to reflect most of the expansion joints in the concrete, followed by the pour of the 16mm StoneSet layer.

Some great feedback from the project designer:

“We selected to use StoneSet as it is a product that purposely can renovate existing driveways. By using StoneSet we were able to retain the existing concrete driveway. We could reshape where necessary by adding new concrete pieces changing the footprint to suit the new renovations of the dwelling.

The StoneSet topping was considered the most cost-effective way of renovating the driveway, saving the client $15,000-$20,000 when compared with the cost of removing the existing concrete drive and replacing it with a new one. The product’s great warranty also influenced our decision.

The finish of the StoneSet product is superior, provides a high quality finish which compliments the renovations of the dwelling. The feedback from anyone who views the driveway, has been surprised that it is actually a renovation to an old driveway, as it looks brand new.” – Louise Williams LAW Building Design

A range of finishes are available from StoneSet, we have grey tones, brown tones, whites, yellow, greens and many more natural Australian stone, gravel and pebbles. To get a free quote, get in touch today.

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