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StoneSet Permeable Paving

About Us

StoneSet has long been aligned with the environmental principals of Reuse, Recycle, Rethink. We believe in paving the way to a much greener and brighter future that is both environmentally friendly and sustainable.

BBA Approved Resin

10 Year Warranty 

Est in Australia 2008

Paving Australian Surfaces since 2008

The Team at StoneSet

StoneSet are experts in resin-bound paving for commercial and residential projects. Our permeable paving is fully water porous, made from natural stone and is suitable for driveways, pathways, tree and pool surrounds. All of our products are porous so they can be used to create a hardwearing surface that’s suitable for vehicular traffic, while also allowing water to passthrough.

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Andy Newton

Andy is a Director at StoneSet Permeable Paving. Having founded the company 15 years ago with Tori, he is responsible for all aspects of marketing and operations. He started his career in permeable paving many years before this though, having worked as a Marketing Coordinator for SureSet in the UK.

Andy has a passion for environmental work and has volunteered for Sea Shepherd Australia. He is skilled in marketing strategy and has experience in operations management. Andy believes in causes relating to animal welfare, arts and culture, civil rights and social action, environment and politics.

Sales Director

Tori Newton

Tori is a Founder & Sales Director at StoneSet Permeable Paving. Managing the business alongside her brother Andy, she has been working in the resin-bound paving industry for 20 years.

Tori loves being involved with projects early on, working with homeowners, architects, and councils to help them customise the paving to create an awesome design and incorporate water-sensitive paving in design and installation.

Tori is passionate about the environment, has a strong focus on customer satisfaction, and takes pride in the high quality of StoneSet’s paving system. With 2 small children, and a busy business there is not much free time but when not working you will find Tori at the beach and spending time outdoors with family.

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The Causes We Support


Responsible Quarrying

StoneSet sources Australian “decorative aggregate” from crusher quarrying in Australia. Commonly available granites and quartz is mined and crushed to produce the smaller aggregate. Our stone is dry screened (filtered) into smaller 6mm sizes, which means there is little to no water used to remove the dust from the stone. The small amount of river stone type pebble (rounded by decades of erosion) has been sourced from 3 regulated, Australian suppliers.


Offsetting 27 Tonnes of CO2

Since July 2017, StoneSet has been an annual “Green Partner” of the carbon offsetting organisation “Carbon Neutral“. Collectively, 22 million trees have been planted over the last 15 years and Australian Association of United Nations credits them with “a clear vision for biodiverse revegetation at a large scale as they seek to create a 10,000 sq km habitat corridor”


Wires Animal Rescue

We are proud supporters of WIRES – NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc. Which is Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation. We support wires both financially and with directors being active Volunteers – including Director Andy on Field assignment early 2020 to assist the Northern Hairy Nose Wombat

Environmentally Sensitive Paving

Our Environmental Credentials

We are committed to operating in socially, ethically and environmentally responsible ways.



The majority of our paving applications involve an overlay topping or “concrete resurfacing,” which is both economical and environmentally beneficial as it allows for the preservation of the existing concrete base without sending it to landfill. Our porous driveways, even with an overlay, return water to the groundwater table and have runoff channeled to the sides for reduced runoff. Our resin-only product, Pour On, binds existing loose stone on pathways, garden beds, and rooftops, preventing the need for removal due to maintenance issues.



Our permeable paving is not just limited to binding stone, but can also incorporate recycled glass and rubber to create decorative elements in tree pits and garden surrounds. At the end of its life, the paving can be crushed and reused as a compacted stone base for landscaping or as porous fill behind retaining walls. The high durability of the polyurethane resin ensures that it will not dissolve or separate from the stone. Additionally, with the paving being 75% material by volume, it results in less landfill and less stone to recycle compared to other solid and rigid paving options.



StoneSet is a porous hard surface paving material made up of solid stone materials and air gaps with a 25% void fraction. This results in 25% less resource extraction, transport weight, and landfill compared to solid concrete or clay pavers. The manufacturing process for StoneSet requires less energy and generates less carbon compared to clay pavers and cement. Most of the raw aggregate is sourced from Australia, ensuring lower transport emissions and sustainable extraction with ethical working conditions.