StoneSet Makes a Creative Backyard Playground

Brighten your child’s day with a new StoneSet backyard playground.


How Does Porous Paving Work?

Porous paving, also called green paving, has become more and more popular over the years. (more…)

Green Home Building and Hardscaping

Green home building practices, now required by law in most places in Australia, consider the impacts of building and landscaping on the environment to improve built environments and to preserve the planet for future generations. Building and landscaping alter environments around, so residential building contractors need to make every effort possible to ensure that their building practices reduce impacts or improve the environment around the house they build.


Landscaping Contractors: StoneSet

Busy Australian landscaping contractors looking for new ideas and new products to suggest to their clients find that StoneSet pleases and impresses the toughest kinds of clients with the very highest demands.