Versatile, functional and environmentally friendly. Resin bound stone is the perfect solution to create fully permeable paving or cost effective concrete resurfacing.

How to Incorporate StoneSet into Your Commercial Property

StoneSet provides customers with a great paving option that is both environmentally friendly and attractive. While the StoneSet paving option is very popular with residential property owners, it is also a great option for commercial properties. (more…)

3 Reasons to Give Your Clients Better Landscaping With StoneSet

If you want your clients to have a better landscaping design, hardscape features that use StoneSet give them the benefits they want. StoneSet is a porous material that is ideal for use as a durable paving material or colourful hardscape covering in landscaping design. It has countless uses and a variety of different colors and looks to give hardscaping. (more…)

Why Builders & Architects Know How to Use StoneSet for Commercial Purposes

Are you a builder or architect who is thinking about adding some hardscapes to your commercial property? Then you should know how to use StoneSet for commercial purposes. (more…)

Shopping Centres Deserve Beautiful and Safe Paths and Parking Lots

Shopping centers are always highly concentrated areas of activity and heavy foot traffic. With all the hustle and bustle, commercial centers are too often places for slips and falls. Porous pavement can prevent these accidents, protect the environment, and create visually stunning paths that shoppers will appreciate. (more…)

StoneSet Applications for Flood Mitigation

In Australia, as part of the effort to reduce the risk of flooding from heavy rainfall, new residential and commercial construction is being designed with on-site water detention facilities as part of the drainage system. What that does is slow down the storm water runoff to help reduce the impact on local waterways. (more…)

3 Reasons to Hardscape Your Commercial Rental Property

There are many enhancements you can invest in for your rental property to improve the appearance, ambiance and safety for your tenants. Implementing a few stylish hardscape features can make it that much more attractive on the marketplace. (more…)

Porous Paving – The Green Alternative to Concrete

Water scarcity is an ongoing, global problem that is predicted to affect two-thirds of the world’s population by 2025. While we do our part in conserving water by taking shorter showers or adjusting the sprinkler system, we don’t often think about our driveways. But impervious pavements all throughout our urban areas are a major factor in worsening water scarcity. It not only stops water from reaching the soil underneath, it collects...

Abstract blur coffee shop background

StoneSet Patios for Outdoor Restaurant Dining

In the restaurant industry, outdoor seating is becoming increasingly popular by utilising the space to create an appealing environment for guests and to increase the bottom line. (more…)

10 years – Tree Surrounds

StoneSet will officially celebrate 10 years of project installations this coming 16th December. Over that period we’ve completed thousands of landscaping installations, Australia wide. (more…)

Why Porous Paving Is Great For Your Pathways

Pathways are a big part of a landscape. They are frequently the most visible part, and they reflect the care someone put into the garden. If you have a dull pathway that is cracking and prone to puddles, everything else will also look rundown. So when you are looking to put a pathway in your property, you want to pick your surfaces carefully. You might, for one thing, consider porous paving. (more…)

How Does Porous Paving Work?

Porous paving, also called green paving, has become more and more popular over the years. However, while calling something green is an indication that it’s good for the environment, that doesn’t guarantee that people really understand what it does, or why it’s a positive influence. So if you’ve been thinking about installing porous paving, here’s a simple explanation of why it’s good for you, and for the earth. How...

Hardscaping Easy for Community Gardens

Community gardens provide a place for a community’s most talented gardeners to grow fruit and vegetables for the residents of cities, towns, and small remote populations. Community gardens generally rent raised garden beds or larger plots, and sometimes they even rent large containers or small flower pots within the garden for those with various levels of gardening enthusiasm or ability. Community gardens often provide water with irrigation...

Resealing Maintenance? What’s that?!

We take a deeper dive into the world of concrete sealers and driveway maintenance. Particularly relevant for homeowners looking at investing in a new exposed aggregate driveways. StoneSet’s 10 year warranty of no loose stone means you save thousands of dollars avoiding maintenance and re-sealing programs. (more…)

Unlock Great Pricing

Thankfully Lockdowns are being eased as the light at the end of the tunnel appears for Australia. Before business conditions return to normal, we’re giving you even more motivation to get that old cracked driveway solved or finish off the DIY paving project you’ve been planning. (more…)

What Are The Benefits of Porous Paving? It’s A Step Toward Resolving Heat Island Problems

Cities are, generally speaking, hotter places to live than more spread out suburban or rural areas. The main culprit for this is something called the heat island effect, which is a fancy way of saying that heat tends to linger in cities, making them hotter than the surrounding area. (more…)

How to lay pavers? Don’t use pavers!

The 2020 search phase “Coronavirus near me” will undoubtedly dwarf the number of 2019 google searches for “Fires near me”, which came in as the most popular trending phrase of the year on google by Australians at the end of 2019. (more…)


Porous Paving in Lindfield

We’re often asked, what allowance does StoneSet receive for ‘porosity’ with Councils, specifically in regard to hard to soft landscaping ratios. In this project video, we speak with a home owner in Ku Ring Gai council who has just completed an immaculate build. (more…)

Unique DIY Porous Driveway

With one of the most beautiful aspects in the Coastal NSW town of Nelson bay, we look at an incredibly unique fully porous driveway, designed and installed entirely as a DIY project by the homeowner. (more…)

Spray Paving Overhaul

One of the main concerns from customers that have had spray-pave coatings is whether the 16mm resin bound stone topping may not grab hold of their existing smooth, spray coating which has already sealed the concrete. (more…)

More Hills District Inspiration!

Expressing pride and the individual nature of your home with StoneSet is a trend being led by residents of the hills district in Sydney. Taking advantage of this relatively new and innovative way to harness the modern paving technology of binding loose stone with Polyurethane resin. (more…)

Yellow Sienna with Glensanda Borders

Here’s this weeks project in the north-western Sydney suburb of Glenwood. There was an obvious need to either remediate the stained and aged stamped concrete driveway, or in this case, resurface it completely in Yellow Sienna stone (more…)

Pathway Form meets Function

Landscaping form and function! StoneSet’s natural ‘Tan’ stone chosen specifically for pathways at a community park in Berrima to “preserve and maintain it’s heritage style by utilising an appropriate palette of materials and colours.” (more…)

Subsurface Drainage

Innovative subsurface drainage solution using porous paving! We take a look at this library foyer, with porous paving as effectively one large draining surface. Rain channeled to larger drainage gravel pits, to stormwater services below. (more…)

StoneSet for Beer Gardens!

It’s thirsty work being a tree in the pub beer garden! We take a look at this water smart installation of StoneSet DIY kits to pave sections of the courtyard at the Crossroads Hotel Narrabri. There were a number of unexpected advantages using StoneSet on this project. Mainly – locals, visitors and even trees can now quench their thirst in leafy comfort (more…)

Rockhampton Botanical Gardens

This week StoneSet were on site with Heritage Tree Care in the beautiful heritage listed Rockhampton Botanic Gardens in Queensland, installing 190sqm of porous pathways. Tree health and maintaining original character were critical for Rockhampton Regional Council. Read how StoneSet’s ‘Kirribilli Red’ was not only porously practical, but safe and beautiful (more…)

Integrated planning for WSUD paper released

Water Sensitive Urban Design technology like Porous Paving is all around us! This week the Australian Government body CRC for Water Sensitive Cities released an important document advising how best to achieve planning collaboration and better use of natural resources. (more…)


Bird netting has come under fire recently – with photos like this Tasmanian salmon netting. We take a look at this medical facility in St Leonards where bird netting would have been unsightly, especially if birds were to become entangled. A far smarter solution is to stop birds being able to pick up the stone using Pour’On gravel binder – retaining the buildings modern, cleaner look (more…)

3 Reasons Porous Paving is Growing in Popularity

Porous paving is not a new invention by any stretch of the imagination. However, it is seeing surging popularity that doesn’t look to be slowing any time soon, according to Belgard. But why are more homeowners (and even business owners and landscapers) seeking more porous paving options now, when they’ve always been around? Well, we have listed some of those reasons below.   (more…)

Aerotropolis – the future of Sydney’s Paving

Landscape Architects should be aware of the Sydney new Aerotropolis development. What’s not so well known is the amazing ‘green corridors’ planned, as part of the urban greening drive by the NSW Governments “5 Million trees” project. Here’s a summary of how water smart urban planning and development will use technologies like porous paving in the future. (more…)

Hottest 100 Not Cool for Schools

Around this time of year the ‘hottest 100’ is released. But unlike the Triple J music countdown, many school kids will definitely not find this figure ‘cool’ this summer. (more…)