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StoneSet for Stairs and Access Ramps

Porous pavement has been around for over a century, but it’s only been in recent years that the versatility of the product has really been embraced. Renowned for its applicability to pathways or trees surrounds, most people don’t realise that porous paving can be also used for steps or access ramps.


Non-Slip School Courtyard

Read about the practical design features behind this School courtyard. StoneSet installed a natural Tan-brown Australian stone. The thoroughfare had to be hard wearing, anti-slip, no loose stone, puddle free outdoor paving. The whole naturalised design is a cost effective, modern, practical and aesthetically pleasing recreational space.


Aerotropolis – the future of Sydney’s Paving

Landscape Architects should be aware of the Sydney new Aerotropolis development. What’s not so well known is the amazing ‘green corridors’ planned, as part of the urban greening drive by the NSW Governments “5 Million trees” project. Here’s a summary of how water smart urban planning and development will use technologies like porous paving in the future.


Integrated planning for WSUD paper released

Water Sensitive Urban Design technology like Porous Paving is all around us! This week the Australian Government body CRC for Water Sensitive Cities released an important document advising how best to achieve planning collaboration and better use of natural resources.


Subsurface Drainage

Innovative subsurface drainage solution using porous paving! We take a look at this library foyer, with porous paving as effectively one large draining surface. Rain channeled to larger drainage gravel pits, to stormwater services below.


StoneSet CBD roof tops to absorb heat

Rooftop stones and ballast are used to reflect the harsh UV from underlying waterproofing and reflect light. So why would you use black stone that absorb heat? (more…)

StoneSet in Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Commercial Properties

One of the most valuable natural resources in Australia is rainwater. Collecting rainwater has been a primary interest in roof construction for several decades. Fortunately, the StoneSet system for permeable paved surfaces supports the harvesting and re-use of rainwater.


StoneSet- sustainable Solutions for the Built Environment

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) was established in 2002 as the country’s authority on sustainable buildings, communities and cities. The organisation’s vision is to “create healthy, resilient and positive places for people and the natural environment.” In 2003, the GBCA launched the Green Star – a national, voluntary system for rating sustainable solutions in design and construction.


Your Commercial Clients Will Approve Of Investing In StoneSet

Commercial clients are way more concerned with the future than private individuals. They often have shareholders and supervisors to answer to, and they may have to report to governing bodies months after the project is complete. They are more concerned about what they will have to do down the road than with the initial investment. Fortunately, StoneSet can help your commercial clients meet their long-term goals.


StoneSet in Water Sensitive Urban Designs

The traditional response to stormwater management has been to convey it by pipes or channels directly by a discharge point such as a nearby river, lake, creek or ocean. The goal has been to move as much water as possible from an urban area as quickly as possible. The biggest challenge happens when dealing with large, impervious paved spaces.