Category: Courtyard Paving

StoneSet for Beer Gardens!

It’s thirsty work being a tree in the pub beer garden! We take a look at this water smart installation of StoneSet DIY kits to pave sections of the courtyard at the Crossroads Hotel Narrabri. There were a number of unexpected advantages using StoneSet on this project. Mainly – locals, visitors and even trees can now quench their thirst in leafy comfort


Subsurface Drainage

Innovative subsurface drainage solution using porous paving! We take a look at this library foyer, with porous paving as effectively one large draining surface. Rain channeled to larger drainage gravel pits, to stormwater services below.


Hazelbrook Station Upgrade

A station refurbishment at Hazelbrook was part of an upgrade of the Great Western Highway at Lawson. One aspect of the works, was to improve the aesthetics of the existing concrete pathways.  (more…)

Roof top refurbishment

The 13 storey Melbourne city complex, Fawkner Towers, was in need of a refurbishment to the popular roof top areas. The dated terracotta tiles were no longer in-line with the evolving atmosphere, and a change had to be made.

StoneSet CBD roof tops to absorb heat

Rooftop stones and ballast are used to reflect the harsh UV from underlying waterproofing and reflect light. So why would you use black stone that absorb heat? (more…)