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Yellow Sienna with Glensanda Borders

Here’s this weeks project in the north-western Sydney suburb of Glenwood. There was an obvious need to either remediate the stained and aged stamped concrete driveway, or in this case, resurface it completely in Yellow Sienna stone


More Hills District Inspiration!

Expressing pride and the individual nature of your home with StoneSet is a trend being led by residents of the hills district in Sydney. Taking advantage of this relatively new and innovative way to harness the modern paving technology of binding loose stone with Polyurethane resin.


Hazelbrook Station Upgrade

A station refurbishment at Hazelbrook was part of an upgrade of the Great Western Highway at Lawson. One aspect of the works, was to improve the aesthetics of the existing concrete pathways.  (more…)

StoneSet Can Add Value To Your green Home!

When you look at your home, do you see little imaginary price tags hanging over certain parts of it? Energy Star appliances, those will add value. Efficient windows, those increase the asking price. Old insulation… hmmm, better redo that before I go on the market. If you’re making home upgrades with an eye on a return on your investment, there is something else you should consider.


4 Unique Ways to Incorporate StoneSet Into Landscaping Designs For Your Clients

Are you looking for ways to offer more for your clients when doing landscaping design? StoneSet is a versatile product that can be used to give your work a unique look that clients will love.


Landscaping that lasts

When driving past a beautiful home, what is the first thing that catches your attention? The size of the home? The view from the home?  Or perhaps the landscaping that surrounds the home? Stoneset can help take your ordinary home and transform it into a beautiful home.


Hardscaping: the new trend for your house – StoneSet Makes An Amazing First Impression

Your driveway is one of the first things people see when visiting your home. Cracked and oil-stained concrete hardly make a positive impression. Fortunately, StoneSet can easily solve your problem. We make replacing your eroded driveway and entryways simple, while rebuilding your sense of pride simultaneously.


Consider StoneSet to Enhance Your House

Driveways, walkways, roads, and more. There is an array of options to choose from when considering the best material to use for these areas. An aspect that homeowners and businesses often overlook is the environment. Manufactured concrete is one of the top causes of CO2 exhalation into the atmosphere, which leads us to realise that may not be the best option. One great choice that is not only environmentally friendly but also beneficial in many other ways is Porous Paving by StoneSet


Hardscaping: The New Trend for your Yard

Hardscaping, the newest designer trend in landscaping, focuses on the hard flat surfaces you drive or walk on around your home such as your driveway, front pathway and entranceway, garden pathways, patios, pool surrounds, pond paths etc. StoneSet transforms your landscaping designs into beautiful fancy hardscaping for a long-lasting aesthetically pleasing effect to get your neighbours and guests excited to visit your home.


Build Your Customer Base With Quality StoneSet Solutions

Many builders are using StoneSet materials to provide their customers with cost-effective paving solutions for everything from industrial campuses to residential driveways. The porous nature of our products encourages water absorption to reduce damages from erosion. This makes it easier and quicker to repair cracks and holes while using locally available materials to reduce costs.