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StoneSet to reduce Heatwaves

Australia’s recent heatwave has re-ignited the imperative of supporting tree canopy cover in Urban Areas. Homeowners and town planers alike have an imperative to retain water on the land they control, not just for their own immediate microclimate benefit, but for cities as a whole. StoneSet driveway Concrete Resurfacing (as well as fully Porous paving) are one of the best water retention strategies recommended by University researchers.


Hottest 100 Not Cool for Schools

Around this time of year the ‘hottest 100’ is released. But unlike the Triple J music countdown, many school kids will definitely not find this figure ‘cool’ this summer.


Aerotropolis – the future of Sydney’s Paving

Landscape Architects should be aware of the Sydney new Aerotropolis development. What’s not so well known is the amazing ‘green corridors’ planned, as part of the urban greening drive by the NSW Governments “5 Million trees” project. Here’s a summary of how water smart urban planning and development will use technologies like porous paving in the future.


Integrated planning for WSUD paper released

Water Sensitive Urban Design technology like Porous Paving is all around us! This week the Australian Government body CRC for Water Sensitive Cities released an important document advising how best to achieve planning collaboration and better use of natural resources.


StoneSet is the Perfect Green Option for Your Construction Projects


Is your development company looking to go green? Then you’re not alone. Environmental consciousness is becoming a marketable commodity. Customers want products that reduce waste, create opportunities for natural growth, and are environmental-friendly.



When it comes to hardscapes, look no further than StoneSet, the best-in-class porous pavement solution. But what exactly are the benefits of using StoneSet porous pavement as your hardscaping go-to?

  • Drip-Through: Porous pavement was originally designed for flood mitigation, and that original design still holds true. StoneSet pavement lets water drip through, allowing the water to seep through to the soil below and out into the surrounding greenery.
  • Gripping Power: Porous pavement has a firm grip, perfect for places with high-traffic walking.
  • Puddle-Prevention: Porous pavement prevents puddles from getting too large, which can often cause problems in areas that see a lot of pedestrians.
  • Easy-Clean: StoneSet’s pavement is easy-to-clean and is entirely pressure-washer safe.
  • Pollutant Control: Water dripping through StoneSet’s porous pavement will go straight to the earth instead of ending up in a storm drain or in large puddles that will eventually evaporate in the sun.
  • 10-Year Guarantee/25-Year Life: StoneSet’s porous pavement is designed to last for 25 years. It also comes with a 10-year guarantee; how about that!
  • Customisation: Do you need white traffic lines? Want a logo set on your pavement? Have ideas for a crazy design? No problem! It’s simple and easy to customise StoneSet’s porous pavement. We’ll let our picture gallery speak for itself on this one.
  • Proudly Australian: We are a proud Australian company with deep ties to the Australian Master Builders Association.
  • Greener Option: Using our porous pavement gives your clientele an environmentally friendly option. This greener alternative can often help you retain business and offer a variety of options to clients that are focused on environmental consciousness. We are a proud supporter of CarbonNeutral.


  • Provide wheelchair gripping, anti-slip, environmentally conscious pavement to hospitals.
  • Give schools less to worry about with faster water draining on those rain heavy days.
  • Give parking spaces a lot less splashing on rainy days, while efficiently applying that perfect white-line.
  • Lessen slip chances around pools and outdoor areas with lots of water exposure.
  • Do you want lots of greenery around the pavement? Great! Porous pavement will make that greenery a bit greener by providing it with more water.

If you are looking to give your customer a more environmentally friendly option, StoneSet will provide an affordable solution that looks and feels great, comes with a 10-year guarantee, and reduces puddles and slipping. All the while making the grass around the pavement a little greener. We stand by our product, and we think you will love to stand on it.

Thinking about making the switch to a greener product that looks amazing, grips tight, and doesn’t break the bank? Explore some of our options on our products page, request a sample, or contact us.

StoneSet in Water Sensitive Urban Designs

The traditional response to stormwater management has been to convey it by pipes or channels directly by a discharge point such as a nearby river, lake, creek or ocean. The goal has been to move as much water as possible from an urban area as quickly as possible. The biggest challenge happens when dealing with large, impervious paved spaces.


Be Part of the Solution for a Greener Australia


Australia is one of the world’s driest inhabited continents. Every organisation involved in constructing hardscapes or landscaping has the responsibility for preventing or reducing water pollution. We must also protect and conserve our part of the planet’s less than 3 percent fresh water.

Naturally, water is not always pure and clear. In lakes and running waterways it takes on a murky quality when decaying organic material is introduced or sediment is stirred up. In urban settings, water runoff picks up natural, and man-made pollutants. These are carried off to contaminate our only pure water sources. With clever landscaping features such as porous paving, we can add to the solution for water preservation.


When planning a landscape design, start by walking the property and noting areas that collect water in puddles or where it overflows into ditches or drains. These places are ideal recipients for porous paving features. In those areas, you can establish walkways, seating areas with focal points or patio sections.

With porous paving, rather than forming puddles which eventually evaporate or draining away from the property, the water is absorbed into the soil. StoneSet is ideal as a paved surface. Even though it is constructed with crushed or decorative stone bound together, it contains tiny openings that allow water to drip through.

As the water absorbs into the soil, it provides moisture for nearby plant life. To an extent, pollutants such as fertilisers, sediments, microorganisms from animal droppings and motor oil are filtered out before it reaches the groundwater supply.


StoneSet is the ideal solution for environmentally friendly landscaping in all commercial settings, including:

  • Office buildings
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Public parks
  • Senior living communities
  • Airports

Contact us today for assistance with your commercial landscape design. Be part of the solution for a healthier, greener Australia.

Read more on how to use StoneSet for Commercial Applications in our free guide:


StoneSet Commercial applications

Incorporate StoneSet in Landscaping Projects to Reduce Noise Pollution

Sometimes a landscaping job is so physically demanding that manual labor alone is not enough. As a professional landscape contractor you know when it’s time to bring in the heavy equipment to manage the work. It’s a practical solution, but what do you do when the circumstances of the job prohibit the use of large, noisy machinery? We have recommendations when you encounter this situation.



StoneSet Is Your Clients’ Solution To Their Water Problems

Water is always a concern. It’s either slowly carving out holes where they aren’t wanted or slithering away before it can be put to use. Your clients have been dealing with this for years, and they may be looking for solutions.


The Hidden Environmental Benefits of Porous Paving

Customers who are passionate about promoting sustainability should be very interested in porous paving for a number of reasons. Porous paving creates a surface that is accessible by water, thus enabling water to move naturally. As such, problems involving flooding are less likely to occur.