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Another great reason to choose StoneSet

The reasons why more and more people are choosing StoneSet Permeable Paving are well known: (more…)

Integrated planning for WSUD paper released

Water Sensitive Urban Design technology like Porous Paving is all around us! This week the Australian Government body CRC for Water Sensitive Cities released an important document advising how best to achieve planning collaboration and better use of natural resources.


Resealing Maintenance? What’s that?!

We take a deeper dive into the world of concrete sealers and driveway maintenance. Particularly relevant for homeowners looking at investing in a new exposed aggregate driveways. StoneSet’s 10 year warranty of no loose stone means you save thousands of dollars avoiding maintenance and re-sealing programs.


Our council has introduced a WSUD policy into the planning permit process… What now?

Water sensitive urban design or WSUD aims to reduce the amount of impervious hard surfaces and mitigate changes to the natural water balance. (more…)

Why are StoneSet rubber tree pits the best?

Trees like to move and in the hard landscaping world, they like to move a lot. (more…)

Crack resistant paving

If you have just purchased a property, you may need to refresh your paving!

Old terracotta, cracked concrete, pavers and tiles – ceramic, travertine and porcelain..StoneSet can resurface them all.


Commercial Hardscaping: Trendy Green Solution

Hardscaping with StoneSet’s porous paving provides a sustainable green solution to the toughest problems concerning your commercial property and corporate business.


StoneSet Overlay : Cost-Effective Solution Your Clients

Driveways are the first thing someone sees as they arrive at a house, and it’s usually one of the first images that can make or break the curb appeal of a home.


StoneSet Has Solved Many Landscaping Problems

Property owners hire landscape architects and engineers to enhance the comfort and style of their homes and businesses. Whether they want to use a larger part of their outdoor space or provide a relaxing setting for employees, it is important that the area is stylish and easy to maintain. That means affordable products with comfortable results.


An interesting Porous Paving Application: Parking Lots

How many times have you been walking out to your car, only to dance around puddles? Or, even worse, how many times have you parked in the rain, got out without looking, and found yourself soaked to the ankle because of a puddle you didn’t see? Those are annoying, but all that standing water can have disastrous effects for the surrounding area when it comes to flooding. In fact, that’s what happened in at the Detroit Zoo.