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How to lay pavers? Don’t use pavers!

The 2020 search phase “Coronavirus near me” will undoubtedly dwarf the number of 2019 google searches for “Fires near me”, which came in as the most popular trending phrase of the year on google by Australians at the end of 2019.



Enhance your back porch, patio or paved area this month with a new practical space to please adults and children alike! Resurface an existing run down paved area to a natural stone playful patio to your property for improved quality family time at home.


Hardscaping Your Backyard To Update Your House’s Look

Sometimes yards start looking…dated. The bland open lawns and tired flower beds get a bit old after many years. That’s why hardscapes made with porous pavement are making such headway in landscaping design.

Paths, patios, and tracks provide an exciting design twist to a yard’s look, and they refresh all the other elements in the landscape. StoneSet particularly is great for updating your yards look. Here are 3 reasons to touch up your yard with porous pavement hardscapes using StoneSet.



Stoneset can be made into surfaces of any shape. It can make patios that fit the back of any house and paths that go anywhere. To add to your design options, there are 6 colours to choose from. This lets you customise your look. Want to evoke an English rose garden? Bright white paths will match this look. Want a futurist style? Black and grey patios will be your friend. You can write messages on your patios, create geometric shapes on your paths, and go wild with the design. This means that your yard is practically guaranteed to be unique.


Hardscapes are natural focal points. They stand out against vegetation and break up landscapes so they draw the eye. This means that a small addition can renew your backyard completely. These effects can be subtle, too. A meandering path brings a whole new perspective to your plants without necessarily calling attention to itself. This improves the style in the long-term.


The drawback of many trends is that they often take a lot of work and time. They are designed to prove that you have resources to spare. This is not the case with hardscapes created with StoneSet. The most maintenance it needs is a brushing or a power washing once a year. It’s hassle-free, and it even saves you money by allowing water to drip through it to the roots of plants.

If your backyard is starting to feel a little tired, StoneSet can be the product that perks it up. Contact usto see what a little hardscaping might do for your home.

Use StoneSet to Increase Your Landscaping Credibility

This is a “heads up” for professional landscapers. In your contracting experience we know you meet homeowners that run the gamut from knowing precisely what they want to those that draw a blank when you ask them for their perspective on the ideal outdoor area. Regardless of your client’s level of expertise or creative vision, we offer solutions that simplify your job, help to reduce the cost for the home owners and offer versatility that enhances any project.


StoneSet in Your Landscaping Projects for Your Clients

When done correctly, landscaping can transform a simple house, to a homeowner’s dream. Many landscaping companies stick to traditional methods of beautification which give a pleasant, though somewhat typical, result. Innovation and advancement are essential to keep any business on top.


A Few Ways to Use Stone in the Landscape

Landscapers who find it troublesome to continually nurture plants within the landscape can turn to the permanent nature of stone to create beautiful surroundings.


StoneSet to Enhance Your House for Outdoor Family Entertaining

As your family grows in size, it might be time to remodel the outdoor area to accommodate your adult children and grandkids. Entertaining a bunch of grandkids indoors can be fun but it can also feel crowded. A well-designed home exterior is the perfect solution for family time with plenty of space for everyone.


Relieve Stress: Playful Patio Family Fun Project

Enhance your house this year with a new practical space to please adults and children alike! Add a playful patio to your property for improved quality family time at home. Half children’s playground and half adult patio, a playful patio allows all to spend quality time in an environmentally friendly sophisticated style that only StoneSet’s paving offers.


Exciting StoneSet Applications Around The House

StoneSet has made headlines worldwide as an innovative new product that helps resolve issues of impermeable surfaces. StoneSet’s material is referred to as a “green paving” because of its ecological benefits.

As discussed here, this product is permeable unlike concrete, which contributes to heat islands, CO2 emissions, and impeded water drainage. First, a heat island is when a pocket of warm gasses become trapped in the area between skyscrapers or other buildings within an urban setting.



Incorporating StoneSet in Landscaping Projects for Clients

Residential landscaping contractors enjoy incorporating StoneSet’s porous and overlay paving into landscaping and hardscaping designs for their clients.