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Backyard Fun: Building a Pool in Your Backyard

Swimming pools are a great addition to homes. Not only do they provide fun and a healthy entertainment for the whole family, but they also add great value to the home.  (more…)

Crack resistant paving

If you have just purchased a property, you may need to refresh your paving!

Old terracotta, cracked concrete, pavers and tiles – ceramic, travertine and porcelain..StoneSet can resurface them all.


Perfect Pool Paver Resurfacing

If you have a pool on your property, it’s no surprise if your place becomes popular all of a sudden over the Christmas holidays!

Old, rigid cement based pool paving surrounds are susceptible to cracking, water ingress and further erosion. Stone and Polyurethane are both waterproof, meaning StoneSet Permeable paving does not experience the same puddles, erosion and cracking. Read more!


Why Choose StoneSet – All of The Strength, None of The Hassle

If you’ve been eyeing a bonding agent for the gravel in your landscape, chances are good you’re weighing up a lot of different factors. How difficult is this one to apply?, How much time does it take to dry? Will you need to get a team together to help, and once you have it down how long can you expect it to last before you need to reapply it?

For a product that stands out in all those fields, as well as several others, you need look no further than StoneSet Porous Paving.


Whether you’re putting a surround on your pool, or you just want to keep your walkway in a specific shape, StoneSet won’t let you down. By using StoneSet you can achieve all the low maintenance benefits of hard surfaced areas such as blocks, pavers and concrete. Together with the properties of a soft landscaped lawn or loose gravel, you can meet council requirements and have a positive effect on the environment. Unlike alternative solutions, StoneSet will maintain its porosity as it will not compact or clog over time. And once it’s on, StoneSet will stay in place for years. Even if the area you poured it on sees some heavy traffic, you can count on StoneSet to stand the test of time, and to hold fast.


As we become more aware of our often harmful impact on the environment, we also reflect on our landscaping habits. In the past, there would be incredible waste produced and toxic chemicals would be spread into the ecosystem. Now, thanks to StoneSet, that’s a thing of the past!

StoneSet’s Porous Paving firmly holds gravel and small stones in place. No more will you have to worry about your gravel and other materials becoming scattered, freeing you from having to constantly reapply. It can be used without any special tools or even a professional crew, preventing the disruption and cost that a crew often comes with.

Once the binder is set, it will reduce runoff, puddling, and pollution. This is a major benefit, as runoff regularly sends pollutants into rivers and lakes where it combines with toxic substances, causing harm to us and the environment.


But that’s not all! As the ultimate in sustainable binding, StoneSet protects against erosion, often a side effect of runoff. Large streams of water move across the ground and slowly wearing it down, damaging your yard over time. StoneSet Porous Paving is carefully designed to last in your landscape for up to 25 years.

What is more, despite the sturdy appearance, it’s porous quality leaves natural spaces, allowing water to pass through and keep your plant-life healthy. There’s no reason you should have to choose between securing your yard and nourishing your flora. Maintenance is also a breeze. Simply use a leaf blower (or, better yet, a broom) to clear the area every so often and that’s it!

StoneSet is committed to preserving planet health and is proud to lead the way in sustainable landscaping. We love working on all size projects, both directly with homeowners and trade professionals from small pathways to large commercial projects. Call us today to have a chat with our knowledgeable and enthusiastic team.

Keep School Pool Areas Safe with StoneSet

Many schools today are embracing swimming pools as a great way to get aerobic exercise. In fact, a lot of schools are forming swim teams and competing in regular swim meets. The schools have done a tremendous job in keeping pools safe, but accidents do still happen. As it turns out, a substantial percentage of these accidents occur outside of the school pool.

Puddles of Water

The area around a pool is prone to have standing water from people entering and exiting the water. Proper drainage could help, but someone who is just leaving a pool can create a hazard by dripping on the ground where they are walking. If you consider several swimmers or a class exiting a pool at the same time, the problem becomes much worse.

StoneSet can help schools avoid this potential safety issue. The naturally porous quality of its construction allows StoneSet to facilitate the draining of pool water. Since this happens immediately, one or more people exiting the pool will not need to walk in puddles of water.

Don’t forget walkways leading from a pool. Over the course of a day, water can quickly collect and create a walking hazard. StoneSet in these areas can alleviate the problem while providing a long-lasting and pleasing solution.

Texture to Aid Traction

Traction is essential to a swimmer since they are more than likely going to be barefoot. A slick concrete surface does not provide much traction for a wet foot. StoneSet, with its naturally textured surface, allows bare feet to gain better traction, significantly reducing the chance of a slip or fall.

Durability to Last

StoneSet is not adversely affected by continued exposure to chlorine or salt water. This means that StoneSet will continue to protect swimmers entering and exiting the pool for years to come. Other solutions, such as mats by the pool, require upkeep and service to maintain them as well as expensive replacements as they wear out. StoneSet protects your investment.

Fits the Pool Environment

Today’s pools are being built with a design in mind. Many have a defined colour palette that is pleasing to the eyes. StoneSet has a natural finish that is available in a vast colour range that will fit any pool design. The colour choice can extend to the pool while protecting from water puddles.

StoneSet can be a natural fit for many school pool areas, thanks to its textured surface and long-lasting properties that are impervious to chlorine and salt water. Contact us today to see how we can help solve your pool walkway issues.

The Benefits of StoneSet for Commercial Pool Decks

When we hear the words, “deck” or “decking”, what comes to mind is a surface built from wood or composite material.


StoneSet Applications for Community Swimming Pools and Parks

Suburban and rural community planners and home owners’ association managers now look to replace concrete in the common areas in residential neighborhoods for environmental and aesthetic reasons.


Ideal Solution For Your Client’s Landscaping Projects

Wouldn’t your clients love to be the envy of the neighbourhood with a yard that looks professionally landscaped but didn’t cost a fortune?


StoneSet in Your Landscaping Projects for Your Clients

When done correctly, landscaping can transform a simple house, to a homeowner’s dream. Many landscaping companies stick to traditional methods of beautification which give a pleasant, though somewhat typical, result. Innovation and advancement are essential to keep any business on top.


Beyond The Driveway: StoneSet Applications Around The House

StoneSet is an innovative green paving solution that stands the test of time with little maintenance. StoneSet is not only a cost effective solution for repairing your driveway, its uses extend far beyond where you park your car.