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Our best Before-and-Afters

Here at StoneSet we are used to completely transforming a public space or the way a property presents on the street. We have developed a variety of porous paving applications as porous paving is suitable for numerous applications Here were some of our best before and afters.


Yellow Sienna with Glensanda Borders

Here’s this weeks project in the north-western Sydney suburb of Glenwood. There was an obvious need to either remediate the stained and aged stamped concrete driveway, or in this case, resurface it completely in Yellow Sienna stone


How to lay pavers? Don’t use pavers!

The 2020 search phase “Coronavirus near me” will undoubtedly dwarf the number of 2019 google searches for “Fires near me”, which came in as the most popular trending phrase of the year on google by Australians at the end of 2019.


Resealing Maintenance? What’s that?!

We take a deeper dive into the world of concrete sealers and driveway maintenance. Particularly relevant for homeowners looking at investing in a new exposed aggregate driveways. StoneSet’s 10 year warranty of no loose stone means you save thousands of dollars avoiding maintenance and re-sealing programs.


D-I-Y.. Y-Not? 

Australia’s spending habits have changed dramatically during April 2020. We review some of the more popular DIY paving projects home owners have taken on as they remain house-bound during lock down.


Driveway Renovation and Resurfacing

StoneSet recently completed works at a property in the NSW Central Coast to overlay an old concrete tiled driveway.

As part of the property renovation the driveway was extended either side of the existing concrete slab. Originally it was thought that the only way to achieve a high quality finish to the driveway was to completely remove the existing tiles and slab and start completely from scratch. With landfill waste costs and environmental considerations this was not deemed the right course of action so after contacting StoneSet it was decided that an overlay of the concrete using 6mm Charcoal would give the finish best matched to the properties new look.

Before Tiles
Plan is to extend the drive to the boundary

Before StoneSet Tiled Driveway jpg
30 year old tiled driveway

Concrete overlay
Reflective expansion joints installed


The installation took just 2 days which including the installation of aluminium control joints to reflect most the expansion joints in the concrete, followed by the pour of the 16mm StoneSet layer.

Some great feedback from the project designer…
“We selected to use StoneSet as it is a product that purposely can renovate existing driveways. By using StoneSet we were able to retain the existing concrete driveway. We could reshape where necessary by adding new concrete pieces changing the footprint to suit the new renovations of the dwelling.


The StoneSet topping was considered the most cost effective way of renovating the driveway, saving the client $15,000-$20,000 when compared with the cost of removing the existing concrete drive and replacing with a new. The product’s great warranty also influenced our decision.


The finish of the StoneSet product is superior, provides a high quality finish which compliments the renovations of the dwelling. The feedback from anyone who views the driveway, has been surprised that it is actually a renovation to an old driveway, as it looks brand new.” – Louise Williams LAW Building Design

A range of finishes are available from StoneSet, we have grey tones, brown tones, whites, yellow, greens and many more natural Australian stone, gravel and pebbles.

Finished with pool

Three Benefits of Overlay Paving

Beginning a paving project can be a daunting prospect. It can be complex, time- consuming, and expensive. Some of these worries can be reduced, however, if you choose to use the overlay paving method. (more…)

Backyard Facelift

What a transformation!

One thing we never grow tired of here at StoneSet is the potential to totally transform tired and neglected problem areas. And because StoneSet’s resin bound stone dries in 24hours, these transformations literally happen overnight!

Often an area of existing paving can become worn and patched up, even cracked without losing its structural strength and integrity. StoneSet can be used as a surface dressing to bring it back to life, looking better than ever. When originally conceived StoneSet was designed simply for an attractive, natural surface for overlaying concrete and asphalt.

StoneSet can be overlaid on just about any rigid surface, even with cracking


One of the most tired surfaces is old cobbled brickwork, which is normally uneven and stained. Because bricks last forever, its not uncommon for us to resurface backyards that had been hardscaped 50-60 years ago.

Below is an application we did in Mosman in 2018. The homeowner was determined to renovate the area but didnt want to lift the levels too much by overlaying new pavers.

  • Overlaid existing – no need to pay for tip fees for brickwork
  • StoneSet applied at minimal 16mm depth
  • 10 Year guarantee
  • 24 hour turn around



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Sometimes yards start looking…dated. The bland open lawns and tired flower beds get a bit old after many years. That’s why hardscapes made with porous pavement are making such headway in landscaping design.

Paths, patios, and tracks provide an exciting design twist to a yard’s look, and they refresh all the other elements in the landscape. StoneSet particularly is great for updating your yards look. Here are 3 reasons to touch up your yard with porous pavement hardscapes using StoneSet.


Here we have filled in the existing worn sandstone paving with asphalt to level off before applying a clean application of StoneSet over the top. StoneSet are able to prepare the base or advise on how your contractor can do so in each situation.



Cracked Concrete

Easily overlay cracked concrete, without concern of seeing future cracking. StoneSet have a patented method of overlaying existing cracked concrete with meshwork that will

Unlike other rigid surfaces, StoneSet have created a blend not only flexible but highly porous. The smooth, fully bound surface will give, to the point that the same resin is used on tree surrounds to cater for growing root systems.



Patchwork Concrete

Again thousands of driveways Australia wide are looking to be transformed! Here we were faced with a  a patchwork of old and new concrete which did nothing for the appearance of the house.



StoneSet DIY come in kits including Stone and Resin to cover 0.8sqm. Each kit costs approximately $70 depending on the colour choice. To get an estimate on the cost of your project, enter your square meterage size here!


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