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Councils Choose StoneSet for Tree Surrounds

This years’ drought across the eastern seaboard has become a stern reminder on inadequate design for water conservation. Environmental considerations are sometimes forgotten or left as a ‘nice to have’ at the point of design.


Non-Slip School Courtyard

Read about the practical design features behind this School courtyard. StoneSet installed a natural Tan-brown Australian stone. The thoroughfare had to be hard wearing, anti-slip, no loose stone, puddle free outdoor paving. The whole naturalised design is a cost effective, modern, practical and aesthetically pleasing recreational space.


Hottest 100 Not Cool for Schools

Around this time of year the ‘hottest 100’ is released. But unlike the Triple J music countdown, many school kids will definitely not find this figure ‘cool’ this summer.


Commercial Paving by StoneSet

Are you a school, hospital, commercial centre with a car park or paved area which is in need of an update? In that case you might want to install pavement that uses locally sourced recycled or reclaimed materials, and that is handicap accessible.


Why Your School Should Forget About Its Old Hardscape

In the busy day-to-day of many schools, there’s often not a lot of priority put on the hardscape surrounding it. After all, hardscapes are nothing more than something to walk on– or are they? So often we see school playgrounds filled with sand, gravel, and rubber mulch. Which are not the safest, most heat-resistant, and most environmentally-friendly options, especially for a hardscape that will mostly be used by children. Here is why schools should be adopting porous pavement instead of “traditional” school hardscape.


First and foremost, we think that grip is one of the key elements to hardscapes specifically those that cater to children. Children love to run around, so finding paving solutions that help prevent slipping and falling is important. After all, you can’t prevent children from being children, but you can try to prevent them from hurting themselves. Our Class V porous pavements grip ultra-tight and prevent slips.


Finding ways to go green is effective at cutting away at your bottom line, improving your image, and teaching children a valuable lesson on environmental responsibility. Our porous pavement solutions are a great step forward in the realm of green hardscapes. Porous pavement lets water seep through, which avoids drying out the surface below and drains or pools from forming during heavy rain. Porous pavement allows the soil underneath to soak up all of the water, which then spreads to the greenery around.


There are many benefits to using StoneSet porous pavement as your hardscape solution. Here is a list of some of the great things that our porous pavement can give you.

  • Customizability: We can make our pavement look any way you want. Want your school logo embedded in the pavement? No problem. Your school colours? No problem. We can customise every detail to your liking.
  • Puddle Proof: StoneSets tiny voids will ensure the rain runs straight through the surface – instead of pooling on top.
  • Long Lasting: We have a 10-year guarantee on our products and a design life of 25 years.  You will be using our hardscapes for years to come.
  • Easy-Clean: Cleaning our pavings is super-easy. The school janitor can simply spray them down with a hose. Is there anything easier than that?

We think that the time has come for schools to revolutionise their hardscapes. Why use rubber that heats up too quickly, or sand that gets soggy in the rain, or buckshot that hurts feet and gets super hot in the summer?

Are you a school looking to get more information on our porous paving and considering making the switch to StoneSet porous pavement? Contact us today.

Keep School Pool Areas Safe with StoneSet

Many schools today are embracing swimming pools as a great way to get aerobic exercise. In fact, a lot of schools are forming swim teams and competing in regular swim meets. The schools have done a tremendous job in keeping pools safe, but accidents do still happen. As it turns out, a substantial percentage of these accidents occur outside of the school pool.

Puddles of Water

The area around a pool is prone to have standing water from people entering and exiting the water. Proper drainage could help, but someone who is just leaving a pool can create a hazard by dripping on the ground where they are walking. If you consider several swimmers or a class exiting a pool at the same time, the problem becomes much worse.

StoneSet can help schools avoid this potential safety issue. The naturally porous quality of its construction allows StoneSet to facilitate the draining of pool water. Since this happens immediately, one or more people exiting the pool will not need to walk in puddles of water.

Don’t forget walkways leading from a pool. Over the course of a day, water can quickly collect and create a walking hazard. StoneSet in these areas can alleviate the problem while providing a long-lasting and pleasing solution.

Texture to Aid Traction

Traction is essential to a swimmer since they are more than likely going to be barefoot. A slick concrete surface does not provide much traction for a wet foot. StoneSet, with its naturally textured surface, allows bare feet to gain better traction, significantly reducing the chance of a slip or fall.

Durability to Last

StoneSet is not adversely affected by continued exposure to chlorine or salt water. This means that StoneSet will continue to protect swimmers entering and exiting the pool for years to come. Other solutions, such as mats by the pool, require upkeep and service to maintain them as well as expensive replacements as they wear out. StoneSet protects your investment.

Fits the Pool Environment

Today’s pools are being built with a design in mind. Many have a defined colour palette that is pleasing to the eyes. StoneSet has a natural finish that is available in a vast colour range that will fit any pool design. The colour choice can extend to the pool while protecting from water puddles.

StoneSet can be a natural fit for many school pool areas, thanks to its textured surface and long-lasting properties that are impervious to chlorine and salt water. Contact us today to see how we can help solve your pool walkway issues.

Creating a Green Environment for Schools with StoneSet

Nothing is as uplifting and motivating for students and staff alike, as a safe, appealing, and nature-friendly environment at school. Whether students are in primary-school, high-school, or beyond, students want to feel confident while playing or walking around their learning institutions. Surrounding students with an environmentally friendly setting can even enhance their interest and understanding of environmental issues.


For most school administrators, however, creating those surroundings seems like an impossible undertaking. Not just the construction costs and the time needed to complete the project, but the maintenance of keeping the environment clean and tidy are major concerns.

Luckily there is a solution: you can provide your students and staff with an attractive, easy to clean, and environmentally friendly alternative with StoneSet’s Porous Paving. This type of pavement can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your school compound and increase the slipware rating of your pathways and playgrounds. Here’s how:


Porous paving is an excellent choice for school grounds because it allows water to drain quickly; thus you don’t have to worry about puddles when it rains. More importantly, however, if your learning institution has plants and trees around the compounds, StoneSet experts can help you tap excess water from the playground to sustain the surrounding foliage.


StoneSet has a design life of up to 25 years making it a cost-effective solution for high traffic areas such as school pathways, sidewalks, bike lanes, and playgrounds.


You can quickly clean StoneSet by sweeping off dirt or foliage from its surface. StoneSet can also be cleaned using a pressure washer, without affecting its durability.


Your school’s crest or logos can easily be integrated into the porous paving which enhances brand promotion. Our crushed stones also come in a wide range of colours which you can use to improve your school’s image and identity.


For many school administrators, installing new pavement may seem like a complicated, extensive, and time-consuming project. At StoneSet we understand that avoiding significant interference with the learning process is critical. StoneSet is a quick lay system –up to 150m2 can be laid per day.

To learn more about StoneSet products and how our team can help you design a green and safe environment for your school, contact us today.

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StoneSet Commercial applications

StoneSet – A Cool Solution for School Playgrounds

School playgrounds present a special kind of challenge when determining how to manage activities that take place in the space, plus safety elements and the environmental conditions created by the weather.


StoneSet Applications for Child Care Centers

Across Australia and New Zealand, Child Care Centers seek solutions to replace old cracking and crumbling concrete surfaces to make their centers safer and more environmentally friendly places for children to develop.


Porous Paving Works Great For Schools

If you are in the process of renovating or building a school, you are probably giving some serious thought to the surfaces involved. You may want to consider porous paving for it because it has a few benefits that are particularly good for schools.