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StoneSet for Stairs and Access Ramps

Porous pavement has been around for over a century, but it’s only been in recent years that the versatility of the product has really been embraced. Renowned for its applicability to pathways or trees surrounds, most people don’t realise that porous paving can be also used for steps or access ramps.

One of the most common places for accidents to happen is right in front of a business. Stairs and wheelchair access ramps become extremely hazardous when they’re wet, because water can make them slick. Porous pavement, though, reduces this hazard by letting the water drain away in moments.

There is no over-stating how much safer using porous paving instead of traditional concrete for stairs and access ramps is, in terms of eliminating serious hazards and it does have a second way that it helps avoid accidents: giving shoes and tires a surface they can actually maintain a grip on is essential for avoiding falls and tumbles.

Going downhill in the rain is a dicey proposition as it is, so why not use a material that can make it safer for those who have to do it?

If you have questions about StoneSet, or you’re wondering if it’s the right porous paving solution for your business’s commercial needs, all you have to do is contact us today for your free assessment and samples!

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Pathway Form meets Function

Landscaping form and function! StoneSet’s natural ‘Tan’ stone chosen specifically for pathways at a community park in Berrima to “preserve and maintain it’s heritage style by utilising an appropriate palette of materials and colours.”


Stoneset for safety on common property

Since 2011, Sydneys growth rate has averaged 4.95% pa and currently boasts 5.1M residents. Despite being the capital city with the largest population, the growth rate has slowed this year to 2% due to ‘internal migration’ to other capitals.

Since 2011, Sydneys growth rate has averaged 4.95% pa and currently boasts 5.1M residents. Despite being the capital city with the largest population, the growth rate has slowed this year to 2% due to ‘internal migration’ to other capitals.
Population change: Australian Capital Cities
Melbourne follows Sydney closely at 4.9M residents and in 2018 saw the largest ever net-annual increase in population with a corresponding highest growth rate of the capitals at 2.7%.
With the price of housing, Medium density zoning has provided the bulk of dwellings for growing populations. As a result, Strata living is evolving toward a higher quality of dwelling, including luxury apartments.
Foyers and landings on common property are busy thoroughfares. Issues such as loose stone, concrete cracking and pooling or flooding from runoff are legitimate safety concerns for Owners Corporations. Strata Committees are being forced to act on reports of trip and slip xhazards and search for alternatives.
Owners Corporations and Councils face many safety issues in highly trafficked pedestrian areas.
Why is StoneSet’s unique brand of resin bound stone well placed to meet these demands?


Unlike Pebblecrete, Stonset uses a very robust and durable 2-part polyurethane binding resin. Unlike cementitious adhesives used for pavers and pebblecrete, Stoneset resin is chemically cured, UV stable and flexible to ensure strength and flexibility which affords customers a 10 year guarantee
This landing at an apartment block in Coogee was surfaced in Cream stone in keeping with the strata blocks external appearance.


Runoff, pooling, dampness, mould, slip hazards. These are all common issues that must be dealt with by Committees and Councils. Rather than the expense and hassle of fitting new strip drains and networks to deal with pooling water, why not let that water flow through the pavement, and into the ground?


A combination of the above, highly trafficked areas that experience water pooling will see advanced stages of wear well before StoneSets 10 year guarantee. This attractive and durable system provides a low maintenance, hard surface which is crack resistant, yet flexible enough to allow for ample controlled movement such as root growth.


Despite the eastern seaboard experiencing one of the driest winters on record, we have not seen water restrictions put in place. Any rain has seen significant runoff, as the ground has become dry and compacted. StoneSet is porous, allowing water to run right through and return to the water table, providing water and nutrients to trees, shrubs and other greenery. With StoneSet The larger the gravel surface area, the larger the amount of rainwater to be stored. Forget the tank and let the water sit in the decorative gravel until the ground is ready to absorb it.


The value of property in Australia has not only resulted in a shift to Strata living, but an increase in the quality of living these newly built strata units offer. Luxury apartments are framed by beautifully landscape gardens and common areas. StoneSet has 24 different natural colours of stone and 6 vibrant colours of recycled glass, StoneSet offers the freedom of creativity and a cool porous paving product for all your landscaping needs.

Looking to fuel your next park project? Contact us. We are members of the Master Builder’s Association and a CarbonNeutral company that is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

StoneSet’s Slip Resistance Helps Everyone

From hospitals to playgrounds, campuses to shopping centres and beyond, paved areas are at constant risk of becoming a liability.

Traditional design has been stuck in a rut, relying on the same solid concrete slabs that collect water on their surface whenever it rains.

Accumulated moisture turns outdoor areas into health hazards for our loved ones, and liabilities for businesses. There is a newer, safer solution.

StoneSet’s permeable paving process is the answer. By using locally sourced and recycled materials, we can create an aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, and most importantly human-friendly alternative to the concrete and asphalt of yesteryear.

Two key differences set us above and beyond in slip resistance. The porous nature of our material allows moisture to drain into the ground beneath, reducing pooling and the creation of slick patches. Second, by casting a layer of sand on the surface, we can provide an instant anti-slip finish.

Our wide range of materials in various sizes can be laid in beautiful combinations of shapes to create awe-inspiring outdoor displays while at the same time keeping those on it safer than traditional building materials.

The concrete benefits of StoneSet’s porous paving technology are clear. Peace of mind is much harder to measure, but no less important.

StoneSet is perfect for commercial and private applications. Whether it be for customers and clients, or friends and family, from young to old. You can rest assured that StoneSet’s solution is quicker to install, more environmentally friendly, longer lasting, more visually appealing, and safer. We can’t wait to work with you!

Please contact us today and let us know how we can help make those close to you even safer.

StoneSet Is Recommended By Councils

As a property owner, it can be an enjoyable experience to design the exterior landscape of your home; everything can be tailored to your wants and needs. It all comes down to the amount of space required for vehicles, the incorporation of shrubs and trees, or whether or not an in-ground swimming pool for those hot summer days is needed. Even though it is a big project, the end result of a beautiful and functional layout is well worth the time and effort. But when planning a design, it is often necessary to take certain legalities into consideration; namely the requirements of council ordinances.

Many communities are becoming aware of the need for higher levels of environmental/land protection. As the population increases and urbanisation covers the country with concrete and asphalt, excess water run-off is causing damage in 2 ways:

  • Bursts of rain create an overwhelming rush into the stormwater systems.
  • Run-off prevents the much-needed water from soaking into the ground for roots to absorb.


While the ratio between hard and soft surfaces will always depend on the desires of individual homeowners or council, there is a great degree of practicality in maintaining a balance between the two.

Grass and other greenery makes a great environment for pets, and also for nurturing skills such as gardening and botany. Unfortunately, it also requires regular maintenance in order to look attractive and healthy. Grass also suffers when trafficked by vehicles and regular pedestrian activity. For those who are looking for a low maintenance surface that is exceptionally durable, yet helps relieve the problem of runoff, many are turning to StoneSet.

Councils across Australia and New Zealand recognise the value of StoneSet, and are recommending it as a highly suitable choice for various applications. The strength of the combined resin and aggregate is strong enough to carry heavy vehicular traffic, yet the porous surface also allows water to seep through.


Whether you need a driveway, pool area, walking path, or tree surrounds, StoneSet is a superior alternative to gravel or concrete. The natural slip-resistance of StoneSet makes it an ideal choice for areas that may become wet, or areas of incline.

After the initial installation, this porous pavement requires very little attention, and a 10-year warranty guarantees a secure and fade-free surface for every client.

Contact StoneSet today, and see what they have to offer!

StoneSet for Public Safety and Beautification

Builders and engineers constantly look for ways to improve the cities they work and live in. Safety is always an issue because residents slip and fall on public property. Traditional concrete breaks down and looks unpleasing to the eye. The population in general is also increasingly concerned about the environment and their carbon footprint, rightfully so.


Pretty and Permeable Park Paths Protect the Public

The public realizes that it isn’t worthwhile to sit around all day, in front of a screen for hours. More and more, people want to get outside to green spaces with their families. StoneSet is great for parks and green spaces!


StoneSet Applications for Senior Living Facilities

Senior Living Facilities, Retirement Homes, and Nursing Homes, typically surrounded by concrete, seek better paving solutions. Concrete cracks and crumbles and presents a major safety hazard for residents and visitors. Replacing old and dangerous concrete with StoneSet porous paving provides a safer and  more sustainable environment with gorgeous aesthetically pleasing designs.


StoneSet Applications for Golf Courses and Country Clubs

StoneSet leads the industry in porous paving solutions in Australia and New Zealand, where some of the most beautiful Golf Courses and Country Clubs provide valued recreation and relaxation to residents and tourists alike. Porous paving replaces your old crumbling and cracking concrete surfaces for a more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing porous paving solution.


StoneSet to Enhance Your House

There are many environmentally friendly benefits to using StoneSet instead of concrete: it’s better for the environment, it helps in regulating temperatures in hotter months and its porous nature allows for water to simply drain through for tree and plant health. What you may not know is that besides these environmentally sound benefits, there are many other perks to using StoneSet for your home.