Decorative Driveways


Decorative Driveways

The driveway is like the welcome mat to your home, why put up with unsightly cracked concrete driveways, old stencil driveways or loose pebble crete and pebble pave options.

Resurfacing concrete driveways has never been so creative. Our client was not only looking for the best way to resurface concrete but make a statement of sophistication, class and individuality.


If you are looking to stand out, then we can create an amazing driveway design that fits you and your beautiful home. 

The modern driveway is not a utility, it is a canvas.

Your driveway can occupy up to 30% of the visual frontage of your home, with significant influence on appearance and value.

The modern driveway is not only functional but beautiful. Through 2018 Driveways were being re-imagined by progressive homeowners. (normally used only for side edging).

A simple application of aluminium angle is used to divide colors of stone being applied, creating

You can see a whole range of our resin bounnd stone driveways in our complete gallery here
Choose your colour patterns too – with more than 30 colours of stone available.

Feedback from our client was the driveway also increased the house value due as most new StoneSet driveways can do.

Because StoneSet can be used internally and externally, around pools, driveways, pathways, foyers and entries, it’s the perfect way to unify the look of your house from the street and for yourself

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