Not sure how many kits you need?

*or tiles, asphalt, pavers, brick paving.
**or crusher dust, deco granite, lilydale toppings.


StoneSet is always looking to fulfil our customers’ requirements which is why we developed StoneSet DIY Kits.

StoneSet DIY kits, provides our customers with the opportunity to get the StoneSet result themselves! With access to our beautiful natural aggregate range,not available in most landscape yards, you can create amazing results. With the stone and resin pre-weighed for you it removes any room for error just mix together and lay!

StoneSet dispatch nationwide. We are an enthusiastic bunch who believe the first answer to any question is YES (then we work out how we can do it.)

We have a strong environmental focus not only regarding our products but in the way our company operates. We aim to reduce, reuse and recycle at every opportunity.

To find out more about StoneSet visit our company website at or call us on 1300 392 155.