A pink granite with an iron oxide pigment that embodies the spirit of the Australian outback!

A favourite for paving Australias’ Heritage listed public spaces. Glensanda’s deep reds found favour with colonialist era authorities as decorative paving. This likely channeled the formality and order imposed on this new country by the British ‘Red Coats’ Army.

We see echos of this tradition where Glensanda is installed at the Govorners Admirality House, Port Arthur’s Penal Colony. More recently, Glensanda has become a perfect match residential paving, when matching Australias ubiquitous red brick facades. Red brick homes are an Australian icon, owing to the addition of iron oxide to bring down kiln temperatures (and cost) at the brickworks.

This pink granite is available in 10, 6 and 3mm. It’s angular texture makes its natural slip resistance ideal for public spaces.