Whether you design landscapes for a living, or simply want to create beautiful and practical surroundings for your own home, you’ve got an exciting job ahead of you! The possibilities are endless, and the design options are vast.

Throughout history, architects can be divided into two types:


These are the ones who help their clients keep up with what’s popular at the time. For instance, if Greek fountains in the front yard suddenly came into style, they would have the skill and knowledge to build such a thing for whoever wanted one; and honestly, they’d stay very busy because the majority of the people prefer to keep up with everyone else.


On the other hand, there are the trend setters who prefer to break free from the norm and create something beautifully original and unique.

These architects reach into the depths of their imagination and pull out an idea; that idea is then materialized as a work of art that retains a part of the artist as long as it exists.

In the world of landscaping, we often limit ourselves by creating in traditional ways with traditional materials. And don’t misunderstand us – there’s nothing wrong with tradition! …but how would you like to get a new spin on that old look?

Gravel has been a favorite paving material for thousands of years. It’s cheap, fairly durable and generally attractive. It usually needs to be replaced every few years, however, as it sinks into the ground or disperses with use.

Imagine having the versatile and eco-friendly use of gravel, combined with the stability and durability of something like concrete?

Well, imagine no longer! StoneSet has developed a product called Pour On – a resin coating that solidifies over gravel, leaving the rustic appearance and yet creating a new extra-durable surface for walkways, driveways, courtyards, or tree bases.

Giving you all the benefits of porous stone paving without the extra costs.

One of the great benefits of going the StoneSet route is that your pavements will retain their ability to receive rainwater, thereby reducing the chances of a washout, as well as allowing the moisture to sink into the ground where tree roots may be in need.

StoneSet/PourOn allows you to create limitless designs with numerous (and surprising) colour selections.

Contact us for more information on how you can utilize this product in your work, and maybe you’ll become a trend setter yourself!

The pooling water together with continued tyre sheer / friction rips more and more stone loose. You can read more about this problem here.

Resurfacing with a porous material like StoneSet avoids the erosion cycle entirely! Water drains freely from the surface (Instead of forming puddles). Similarly, the suns rays never reach the binder that holds the stone in place from below.

Of course binding natural stone with a quality polyurethane resin is more involved than the traditional process of setting exposed aggregate in cement.