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The Modern Driveway Is Not a Utility. It's a Canvas.

Permeable Driveways

Over the past 10 years driveways have been re-imagined by progressive homeowners, while increasing their properties value in the process. With a new permeable driveway, we can bring your ideas to life.

New & Decorative Driveway Installation

Express Yourself Through Your Permeable Driveway

If you are looking to stand out, then we can create an amazing driveway design that fits you and your beautiful home. Your driveway can occupy up to 30% of the visual frontage of your home, with significant influence on appearance and value.

A Modern, Functionality & Beautiful Driveway

Perfect for Newly Installed or Driveway Resurfacing

StoneSet have completed a number of permeable driveways with more modest tones and colours, straight line borders and edging to frame the driveway and make it unique.

You can see a whole range of our resin bound stone driveways in our complete gallery. Choose your colour patterns too – with more than 30 colours variations currently available.

With a simple application of aluminum angle, we can divide colors of stone too, creating truly unique designs and patterns to make it yours.

No Loose Stones Icon Green 128x128
No Loose Stone

No more scratching interior floors.

Choice of 30+ Colours

Match your existing scheme.

Slip Resistant Icon Green 128x128

Non-slip and drains easily during rain.

UV Proof

Natural stone, unaffected by constant sun exposure.

Porous & Permeable Driveways

How Does it Work?

StoneSet’s high quality flexible polyurethane resin binds natural stone or recycled glass at the contact points leaving natural voids between stones for a porous result that allows rain or irrigation water and air to pass through to the earth below.

The hardened surface resists slip for safety and compliments any home’s architecture and provides a durable surface to match the look of your home.

As land use increases, some councils have sustainable land use requirements to ensure buildings are designed to be considerate of the surrounding environment and community.

This is where StoneSet comes in.

permeable resurfacing driveways benefits

A Better Alternative to Concrete

A Summary of Permeable Driveway Layers

Hard to Soft Landscaping ratio is one measure used to ensure urban rainfal is able to soak in to the ground and replenish the water table. With residential development sizes increasing, keeping within the ratio set can be a challenge.

Below is a summary of the different layers that comprise a StoneSet fully permeable driveway.

25mm colours of your choice

25mm StoneSet

52mm Gravel Cell, with Aggregate

52mm Gravel Cell with Aggregate

150mm Compacted DGB20

150mm Compacted DGB20

227mm Soil sub base excavated

227mm Soil sub base
Permeable Summary
Everything a Builder Needs to Know About Permeable Paving

Be Proud of Your Outlook Entertainment Area

StoneSet as Soft Landscaping

Uniquely, resin bound stone achieves a very high porosity rate owing to to large number of voids that form when the resin sets and forms multiple cross links.

StoneSet achieves a fully permeable surface is when StoneSet is applied over the specified 150mm ‘compacted road base’ and gravel cell before applying the resin stone mix at 25mm layer. This achieves a porous base and overall permeability rate of 103L/sqm/min, essentially as porous as soil and grass.

StoneSet has a porosity rate high enough to satisfy councils and certifiers it can be classed as soft landscaping. Even with some of the most demanding councils hard to soft landscaping ratios in Australia.

Choose the Right Driveway from the Start

New Build Driveways

Considering StoneSet for that perfect finish to your new build driveway? Planning your build and allowing for the product is simple!

Unless you are required by council to install a more expensive, fully porous driveway, newly constructed properties will need an existing concrete surface on which to install the StoneSet topping.

Builders may have factored in costs for pouring a new concrete driveway. Typically, Australian standards require concrete driveways to be 25MPA.

This solid concrete base is exactly what’s required for StoneSet to install and back it up with a 10-year Guarantee on performance. 

6mm Charcoal StoneSet Close up AV Jennings

StoneSet Never Leaves Edges or Gaps That Create Potential Trip Hazards

We Work with Builders

We work closely with builders on new build projects to ensure the correct provisions are made to give you that perfectly flush finish that will last for decades!



Concrete pour must be set 16mm lower than any existing paths, lawn or slabs (such as carport).



Similarly, drains must be installed so the surface/grate of drains sit 16mm proud of the newly poured slab.


Roughing the Surface

Concreters are encouraged to ‘scratch’ or ‘brush finish’ the curing concrete surface.

Learn More About StoneSet

Frequently Asked Questions

Researching permeable paving and wondering what the difference is between permeable driveways and porous driveways? Don’t despair!

Often used interchangeably, the technical difference can best be explained using familiar paving examples

Porosity – implies the material has small ‘pores’ in an otherwise solid surface. For example Sandstone is ‘porous’ as it lets water through what is actually classed as a rock.

Permeability – water is able to penetrate only via gaps between solid pavers. For example, If you tipped a bucket of water on a section of paved driveway next to a concrete footh path, water will penetrate through the gaps in the pavers.

The important factor here is the rate at which water can penetrate, to be of practical benefit returning to the ‘ground water’ table. Concrete has 96% of its pores connected, technically making it ‘porous’ but we know intuitively – concrete is not practically porous, rather it channels rain off in our stormwater system because its porosity flow rate is so exceedingly small!

Typically ‘Porous’ paving see a higher effective water penetration than Permeable paving, mainly because the entire surface is able to absorb water, not just the small percentage of surface that are gaps!

Porous paving also avoids the reality of ‘dirt compaction in the gaps’ on driveways – a result of daily vehicle compaction. Dirt eventually accumulates and is compacted over time, clogging the permeable sections and results in the familiar hardy-weeds growing.

Intuitively, its much harder for dirt to become compacted and clog pores of hard surfaces like sandstone. Just as a honeycomb provides strength its voids, Porous paving ensures any weight loading is distributed over the structure and not allowing dirt compaction that occurs between permeable paving gaps.

Porous paving therefor experiences a longer practical design life returning water to the ground water table. Which is why it is chosen not just to take 1Tonne or more vehicle weights daily, but to with stand hundreds of pedestrians daily.

Nearly 25% of StoneSet by volume is air! Meaning a quarter of the surface are voids that maintain their porosity and to allow water to flow through.

If StoneSet is applied as a 16mm layer on top of an existing rigid, non porous surface (such as an old concrete driveway) this is loosely termed semi-permeable paving. Water passes freely through the top layer but is unable to penetrate into the ground.

Fully permeable is when StoneSet is applied over the specified 150mm ‘compacted road base’ before applying the resin stone mix at 25mm layer. This achieves a porous base and overall permeability rate of 103L/sqm/min, essentially as porous as soil and grass.

StoneSet has a porosity rate high enough to satisfy councils and certifiers it can be classed as soft landscaping. Even with some of the most demanding councils hard to soft landscaping ratios in Australia.

Examples of bases that can support a fully permeable surface include;

  • Deco Granite
  • Crusher dust
  • Road Base
  • Blue Stone
  • Crushed Rock


Typically councils class a 25mm application of StoneSet as fully permeable in the calculation of hard / soft landscaping ratios when considering development applications.

Indeed nearly all Tree Surrounds StoneSet install for councils involve this method of fully permeable paving.

Resurfacing an existing hard surfaces such as concrete driveways is possible using an ‘overlay‘ of 16mm StoneSet.

The finished stone driveway surface can still be called ‘permeable paving’ however the base will not allow water to penetrate into the soil below, so this can sometimes be termed ‘semi permeable’.

Therefore the 16mm application of StoneSet is mainly those looking at concrete resurfacing to achieve a stone driveway.

Typically this permeable paving cost per square metre is cheaper than alternative options of concrete driveway removal when weighing up options for concrete driveway alternatives.

The resulting stone surface can still be called a permeable and indeed StoneSet can put in place ways of redirecting water flow to the garden and reduce stormwater runoff.

Others of course are just happy to create a decorative stone ‘amazing driveway‘ which essentially receives no UV or Water erosion damage like some other common driveway materials Australia has available.

Permeable driveways offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete ones. The concept aims to curb surface runoff caused by rainfall, particularly in urban areas prone to flooding. By enabling rainwater to seep into the ground through a permeable driveway, you can decrease runoff, enhance the well-being of nearby trees, and comply with council regulations relating to hard-to-soft landscaping ratios, while ensuring your property retains the desired size and adequate driveway space.

Gravel driveways, while permeable, can be messy and high maintenance. They often require annual stone replacement or after rain. Opt for a resin bound gravel like StoneSet paving for a permeable driveway that combines the appearance of loose gravel without the hassle of loose stones.

When installed on a suitable permeable base, a resin-bound stone driveway offers a fully permeable solution that complies with council standards. This elegant and enduring option ensures both functionality and beauty for your driveway. 

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