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Below you'll find a paving stone colour for any job. From subtle whites and greys to heritage reds and bright primary coloured glass.

If the colours don't quite hit the spot for your project, give us a call and we can work on a blend especially for you


Australia’s favourite choice for natural earthy blends! The traditional range capture the essentials of natural stone paving.  Optimised to curate your own piece of the Australian native landscape, the traditional range features earthy brown calca granites, golden warm marbles and pristine antique quartz whites. The traditional range are the most popular stone mosaics that showcase this great Southern land.


Australian aggregates for constructing Australia’s modern architecture. The contemporary range is your definitive palate for paving with polyurethane bound stone – the worlds latest and most advanced technology for hard surface paving. Popular with design professionals for new build homes and architectural specifies for commercial and heritage applications. The contemporary range is the frontier of Australian porous paving.


Premium blends of Australia’s finest mineral offerings. The deluxe range is the ‘bold and the beautiful’ of resin bound stone paving. From single-sourced origins comes the deepest of blacks to the richest of red oxides. The delux range reflects specialised formulation (using 3 and 6mm stone blends) and procurement of a less ubiquitous purity of colour. The deluxe range is the ultimate natural-stone paved finish.

Meets Slip Resistance Requirements


Polyurethane Resin

Australian Sourced

Recycled Coloured Glass

StoneSet provides a smooth yet slip resistant surface. The exact results for slip testing vary between mixes however 90% of our range will show a very low risk of slipping in the wet.

For product specific testing please place a request with the sales team.

To ensure instant slip resistance we specify a light application of a sand is sprinkled over the surface.

3mm Is perfect for overlaying existing concrete or asphalt. Its small stone size makes it easier to lay at a thin depth.

6mm The most popular, this stone size is ideal to achieve maximum rates of permeability while providing a durable surface that can withstand heavy traffic and look outstanding.

For high trafficked areas a blend of grades can be used to provide a durable finish.

StoneSet's own resin binder is UV stable, clear, flexible,  with a high tensile strength, resulting in a harding wearing flexible finish. 

The two part polyurethane system has been tried and tested since 1997 and consistently out performs epoxy and other resin based systems.  


Australian sourced aggregates are crucial to reduce the carbon footprint of paving and to ensure the stone is sourced ethically.

You can read more about our Aussie stone here

Our colour coating process ensures a colour fast finish with an unlimited colour choice, making logos easy to recreate, artwork come to life and adding some fun to all paving.

Clear and bottle glass is available direct from the recycling centre to create the ultimate in eco-friendly paving. All our glass is thoroughly cleaned and tumbled, so all sharp edges are rounded off.

Our Guarantee: Our use of natural aggregates and a specialist pigmenting of the clear glass means we can guarantee no colour change or fade.

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