Strata Complex in New Farm, QLD

StoneSet was installed on a common access driveway at this 18-unit strata complex in Newfarm, Queensland back on 2/3/17.

The driveway at Nolan Court had existing concrete that was significantly cracked, with  a patchwork of new and old, after sections of the driveway had been replaced due to subsidence and cracking over time.

Looking to bring the the appearance of the units up to a more modern look and refresh the entry to the property, the committee of owners researched their options to replace the concrete.

Sending the concrete to the resource recovery plant was going to be a significant cost for demolition and was more expensive still, have steel reinforcing ‘contaminating’ the concrete. Waste recycling plants will charge for this grade of concrete at approx. $800/tonne (which equates to approximately 15sqm of your ‘typical’ 150mm thick concrete driveway slab.)

Here the cost of sending a massive 540sqm worth of concrete to the tip, was going to add costs of up to $30,000! This was on top of the demolition costs and contractors time in transporting the multiple

No time to rip it up

There was also the access issue. Minimal disruption to the residents was going to be imperative. Being a complex of more than 18 units, some residents were elderly and needed access for shopping, not to mention school and work runs every day.

Before they undertook demolition, there was also considerations of costs to move or avoid pipes? Contractors generally operate under contract that assumes no underlying utilities, and costs can mount if pipes are discovered.

There was also a requirement to move fences and gates. The committee would need to use licensed and insured contractors to prepare the area, and of course involved mess and possible damage to the front areas grass and landscaping.

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All this work involved significant amount of time the driveway was out of order, and added more and more to the costs.

resurface don’t replace

With a 48hr dry time and no need to rip and replace, there was a very minimal preparation and installation period, approximately 3 days between last and first use again.

StoneSet’s polyurethane dry time is 24hrs, but for vehicle traffic, we ask that it be 48 hours before its driven on. So in the end the minimal down time together with the huge cost savings being able to resurface the existing base, were just too good to pass up by the residents committee.

The installation came with the confidence afforded by a mix has been used for more than 10 years across all states. StoneSet used a quarried stone bound with StoneSets’ premium polyurethane resin, which carries a 10 year warranty on materials and workmanship.


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If you would like more information on this particular pavement project, please contact us on 1300 392 155 and quote the job reference number 2167, we would be more than happy to discuss similarities in your porous Driveway project and provide any more information as required.

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