Non hard paving and Ku Ring Gai Council

Project QuickStats

Location Lindfield, New South Wales
Cost $22,325
Stone Colour 6mm Koonunga
Total Area 86
Date Installed 23-06-2020

We’re often asked, “what allowance does StoneSet permeable paving receive from councils with regard to ‘porosity’?”.

The question is specifically in regard to development approvals for new build homes and the “hard-to-soft landscaping ratio”- hard surface building footprint vs ‘soft scape’ garden area. In this project and videos below, we speak with “Viv”, a very helpful home owner who sheds light on his experience when working in with Ku Ring Gai council on this immaculate new build.


An immaculate build

From above the excellent design and precision in building works completed on this property are self evident. Built to a very sleek and contemporary palate focussing on blues and greys – This design incorporated a number of clever ‘modern’ techniques and materials.

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The first striking feature of the facade is the large ‘dressed fieldstone Walling’ pillar marking the entrance. This very large and impressive method of irregular Stone wall cladding has only recently been made possible by use of modern fabrication methods.

The Boral ‘cultured field stone‘ pillar is not natural stone but actually a much lighter fabrication of concrete, cast in irregular stone moulds. In this case, hand painted using blue and grey colour tones, the lighter materials mean such large and impressive features are safe and cost effective to install.

The second striking feature is the StoneSet resin bound stone aggregate driveway. Similar to the entrance pillar, the StoneSet driveway is also a natural bluestone look, fabricated in method incongruous to the eye.

The resin bound stone driveway occupies a large portion of the facade like the pillar, and showcases natural stone bound in a very orderly and modern way – Apparently loose stone, formed as one uniform, clean edged surface. In this case, framed by a border of pavers in a single row, delineating the edges and pathways.

This second video excerpt below discusses the choice of stone colour, with some additional drone footage demonstrating the porosity of the driveway.

Why go porous?

Ideally all paving would be porous to allow water retention and return to the ground water table. The reality is due to costs, most installations of StoneSet porous driveways occur as a result of development restrictions/requirements by council.

Local Councils have to ensure any new development will not contribute to an overload the existing wastewater infrastructure. Without a control of the ratio of hard surface (paving, roofs etc.) to soft surfaces (gardens and lawn), stormwater systems can become Overloaded or ‘Non-compliant’.

Each council typically surveys all the factors on a property by property basis before approving building works and issuing the final Occupational Certificate. Consideration of slopes, local creeks, surrounding trees and buildings are some of the factors that influence each buildings requirements.

In this situation (as the video describes) it was necessary to replace the hard surface of the driveway with something porous in order to offset the runoff-generating hard-surface area paving out the back of the property.

Whilst being an immense improvement to replenishing ground water and the health of surrounding vegetation, the thickness of resin bound stone required to create fully ‘porous’ paving is significantly more cost than the option simply to resurface an existing or new cement slab.

This video explains how, for new developments that do not require porous paving, a more cost effective process is to pour a new non-porous concrete base (offset lower than the surrounding surfaces) and this can be overlaid with a thinner 16mm topping (thus less expensive) application of the resin bound decorative aggregate.

researching your options

If you are currently investigating your options to build using porous paving or you would like to know more about StoneSets suitability as porous paving within your own council area, Contact Us Now! We’re always happy to discuss your project in more detail and any other relevant options regarding porous paving.