Gnome Pathway


What do you use to curate a perfect natural stone pathway for a secluded park hideaway in the middle of the city?

Something natural is the only way to go, but being located in the middle of Sydney, being frequented so often, the only way to make it safe is to use a resin bound stone!

This was the case for the “Gnome’s Home Public Pathway” paved using TAN stone and as the pictures imply, its a gorgeous little section of bushland near Sydney University that leads from Foss street to Orphan School Creek Playground.

This was, as the name implies, an orphanage in the early stages of Sydneys development.

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The secluded public pathway is accessible to the left of 43 Foss St Forest Lodge entry via here

Why Orphan School Creek is Important

Where were the Orphans? The early governors handed out grants for worthy and charitable purposes. Glebe’s was for a church and school. Where the University of Sydney’s St Andrews College now stands was for orphans. However, the trustees had their eyes on better land at Cabramatta, so that is where the orphans went. The name, however, remained, and water still flows from that south-western corner through St Johns College, under Parramatta Rd, and underneath Larkin St. Most of the time you can’t see it, but after heavy rain it runs on the surface.