modern Carport designs

The carport is the landing pad of your home, the transition from exterior to interior – where public meets private.

More and more homeowners are looking for modern carport designs for their carports and garages. This makes perfect sense! If you have off street parking with a enclosed garage or roller shutter access, why not make this an extension of your home, rather than an extension of the road!

Understandably however the carport is often last on the renovating budget list.. Should you have an old bricked in carport or even a new property with freshly concreted LUG, the budget and plans to do any renovating work on this space are far out of mind.

But they should be front of mind! The grotty old garage with cobwebs, sawdust, dark damp lighting and decades of accumulated oil stains – this is a beast of the past! The modern home has re-invented this space by offering some tender love and care to these perviously neglected spaces.

With good reason too! Resurfaced with a beautiful natural stone carpet, the modern garage or custom carport is built as an extension of the home and living space. This means a home with larger living areas and thus more value.

Not just a carport, the repurposed modern garage can become a laundry, a man cave, a teenager retreat, an area where garden equipment and power tools are loved, hung neatly and orderly rather than simply stored as a convenience . Creating a living space out of an enclosed carport means the area is more welcoming, more orderly and ultimately looked after more rather than neglected as a dirty space.

So dont go looking for a quote from garage builders Sydney or shed builders Melbourne – Get a quote for StoneSet supply and install and clear out the garage! From as little as $100/sqm you can purchase the materials and install yourself or look to add installation surface at the same square meter cost.

Some examples below of inviting carports to the modern home.


What about Oil Leaks?

In this project we applied a 16mm topping of resin bound stone over an existing concrete or cement slab in the enclosed carport. A very fitting choice of mottled grey and white silver style ‘sterling‘ stone

One of the first questions we were asked by the client was ‘Will it be affected by oil stains’. There are two main considerations here;

Firstly, most modern cars leak very little oil, if at all. Particularly if you enjoy the benefits of off-street parking with a fully enclosed garage, you certainly can not expect the type of oil stains you see encrusted on the asphalt at your local Coles or Woolworths car park.

Secondly, StoneSet can easily be cleaned by simple application of detergent, warm water and some scrubbing. So for example, should your son or daughter head back from a byron music festival in their mates beaten up Kombi, rest assured even large blotches of pitch black oil can be removed from the surface using a decent application of dish washing deturgent and elbow grease.

Further, StoneSet recommend periodically cleaning all applications of StoneSet – either ‘overlay’ resurfacing of existing concrete, or ‘porous’ applications on a permeable base like soil and compacted blue metal or ‘road base’. The easiest way to achieve this is use of a standard high pressure water cleaner – Gerni or Karcher style electric pressure cleaners that can be purchased for just over $100.

Of course your choice of stone should be dark – mainly because you cant expect to be able to get to the oil stain straight away and much like dark carpet is used for public bars and rental properties, a darker colour stone will not show up any small traces of oil that have yet to be pressure cleaned out.


Frame your home – porous pathways

And whilst your extending the living space of your home, why not finish it off by matching your driveway, pathways and other paved entry points around the home. Resurfacing the entrance of your home makes all these areas  a great application for StoneSet resin bound stone.

Natural stone is inherently slip resistant, being made of granite or marble – the friction rating is higher than other alternatives such as some natural tiles. Also, the stone has hard edges and corners on a very fine level, which provide a significant amount of friction in their own right.

On top of this, StoneSet can be designed to meet all slip resistance standards for public places and councils. For example, for a steep driveway we would recommend using a crushed rock (rather than a rounded pebble), and using a larger stone also makes a difference to the traction on driveways.

For Public spaces, we incorporate a very fine element of glass or sand into the mix, which ads significant grit to the surface and through out the mix. Not any sand can be used, be cause too fine aggregate can have the effect of weakening the polyurethane bonds that form between the stone.