Porous turning bay / parking pad

Project QuickStats

Location Frenchs Forest, New South Wales
Cost $21,210
Stone Colour 6mm Black Tan Ash
Total Area 140
Date Installed 07-08-2019

Homeowners lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful view from their living or dining areas probably all have one driveway need in common – they appreciate the functionality of a turning bay or parking pad.

Thats because Homes on escarpments, hillsides and ridge-lines have steep driveways – with their home located up or down from the road, which generally determines how which way they normally drive in or out.

The pad not only functions to increase the number of cars you can keep off the road, close to your front door for easy access, but they function as a vital turning bay to help you drive your in AND out without the tricky feat of reversing up or down steep inclines.

limits to extending paving

But Homeowners know before you go undertaking any development, your plans need to gain approval by your local council. This is especially true for increasing your ‘hardscaping’ or driveway paving, but can also include;

  • Rooftops
  • Patio paving
  • Pool surrounds paving
  • Pathways

Hard to Soft Landscaping ratio is one measure used to ensure buildings are designed to be considerate of the surrounding environment and community.

As other homeowners build in your suburb, the total stormwater runoff increases. But it’s not only is urban rainfall required to soak in to the ground and replenish the water table.

Gorgeous new Porous pad

Approval was gained by the residents in this case to extend a section of their driveway out over the existing soil, so long as it was made of a free draining porous paving material like StoneSet.

The photos from this project show a steep driveway hooking right at the bottom on entry towards the home front verandah and door. The parking pad/turning bay was extended from the corner of this bend out over the soft scape soil and grass.

[sgdg path=”Job Photo Uploads/4739″]

You can see a number of strip drains which StoneSet needed to factor in with out preparation works, to ensure all drainage channels were reflected through to the finished surface and the subsurface drainage channels were unaffected by the new 16mm layer of stone on top.

Another more complicated factor in this installation was managing the joint between the driveway and the new porous parking pad. With regular vehicle traffic, one of the crucial factors to manage is the movement between the new slab and the old.

A new section of paving is more likely to experience further compaction down over time, similar to the old section which can often have 30-50 years of regular daily vehicle traffic cementing the base solid.

This is where our team has significant countermeasures installing counter measures such as ‘control joints’ and requiring porous paving for heavy traffic to a more rigorous specification of base preparation.

Porous paving saves lives

Streets and driveways that were built 50 years ago only have so much fixed stormwater drainage provisioning. If a street has too much runoff due to an ‘overdevelopment’ of hard surfaces, then stormwater systems can become Overloaded or ‘Non-compliant’.

Whilst innocuous in the majority of rain events, heavy downpours and flash flooding can rapidly evolve from severe rain events. And as we’re all familiar, busy people have tight schedules and we are all prone to an assumption that ‘the roads are safe’ and that the speed limit is the maximum speed in all weather fair or foul.

So in this way, a typical 100sqm porous driveway retains approximate 1.85 cubic meters or half a tonne of rainfall, every time it rains! This huge amount of water is sequestered on a residents property and slowly permeates down returning to the ground water system through a compacted road base which is the foundation of the driveway.

In this situation, the turning bay measured 22sqm. Because 25% of the porous paving is air voids (25mm layer of resin bound Stone and 50mm layer of drainage gravel) this equates to a retention volume of roughly 400 litres of water.

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Resin bound stone is not one of the first things that comes to mind when looking for Driveway ideas and particularly when paving over existing hard surfaces. You can read more detail on Driveways we’ve installed and see photos of these projects here.

If you would like more information on this particular porous parking pavement project, please contact us on 1300 392 155 and quote the job reference number 4739, we would be more than happy to discuss similarities in your porous Driveway project and provide any more information as required.

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