6mm Apollo, Private driveway, Cremorne

3158, 6mm Apollo Porous Driveway 23158, 6mm Apollo Porous Driveway 3

As part of North Sydney’s water sensitive urban design (WSUD) and integrated stormwater strategy, the council are providing new guidelines to minimise stormwater runoff through the use of water retention facilities and porous surfaces.

Stoneset as “soft landscaping”

This StoneSet fully porous driveway meets these requirements and provided our client with a beautiful low maintenance hard surface which is fully porous! Here it was 6mm Apollo stone selected looks beautiful with the sandstone wall and complements the house perfectly.

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Permeability requirements

StoneSet has the properties required to help meet paving permeability specifications in several council jurisdictions, including Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Randwick City, and Melbourne City.

Because StoneSet is permeable, You can use the material to build driveways, walkways, or car-parks that don’t encourage localised flooding in the event of storms


Download our guide to permeability here

3158, During, drainage cell being overlaid with StoneSet