6mm Kirribilli Red, porous Pathway, Gerringong, NSW

Heres an interesting project if you are a Glamper (Glamourous Camping)

Dovecote prestige properties offer the ultimate hilltop retreat, just south of Sydney in Gerringong, titled “the range” has an ocean facing heated ‘infinity’ plunge pool, Suspended fireplace and outdoor decks facing the hinterland.

This architecturally immaculate masterpiece is rated by many as one of the top 10 private retreat properties in the world. With an almost 360 degree look out over the Illawarra tablelands and the pacific ocean, this is property where quality is paramount.

Being in open pastures, the Deco granite was the perfect visual finish for this wondering pathway with the amazing backdrop of the NSW South Coasts hinterland. Of course with rolling hills and views comes the issue of water run off, slip hazards and inherent erosion, unfortunately this was significant with the existing Deco Granite pathways at “The Range”.

As such, for this luxurious property located high in the hills, the deco granite proved to be a maintenance nightmare, washing away in the rain and creating a hazard for its users.

Re-Sealing Eroded deco granite paths

The appearance of the original natural stone pathways were very important, You would want nothing less to complement a property set in amazingly pristine surrounds, and more-so the gentle cream colour of deco-granite against the luscious pastures of green.

Matching natural stone is a specialty of StoneSet. With over 20 base colour stones and an infinite number of blends and bespoke mixes, StoneSet is regularly contacted by Architectural specifiers and Designers looking to match the existing appearance of natural stone pathways on a property.

An arial photo of the quality of the pathway as recent as November 2019. The project was originally installed as early as January 2018.

Our client selected a colour which would still meet the objective of a natural Australian stone, yet once bound in our high-quality polyurethane resin would no longer be affected by washout. Solving the maintenance headache and creating a long-lasting beautiful pathway.

Thankfully, with a robust R11 slip rating, StoneSet was the perfect way to not only revitalise the appearance of these pathways, but to improve the safety of visitors many times over; removing loose stone, sealing crumbling edges and stopping water runoff from pooling at any areas of the path after large or even short downpours.