Decorative Glass Porous Paving at Brelsford Park

A previously neglected area of the city, Brelsford Park was in need of rejuvenation. With many residents to cater for, Brelsford Park needed to become a place where families could gather and enjoy the facilities of a modern playground.

Creating unique paving for Coffs. 

As part of the economic stimulus plan, Coffs Harbour City Council was provided with funds to build a new playground for families in the local area. With high expectations from members of the public for top class facilities, the pressure was on to deliver and ensure Brelsford Park wasn’t just another playground but an adventure wonderland! Right in the heart of the city, Brelsford Park would draw crowds and provide a free family attraction to be enjoyed by the whole community.

Creating a fun and functional playground requires something special, so plain pathways and paving wouldn’t cut it. With plans for dragons, colour and crustaceans, StoneSet were called in to help the transformation.

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Why StoneSet?
Although StoneSet offers a wide range of natural aggregate, coloured recycled glass is becoming more and more popular. StoneSet uses a recycled glass system where clear glass is pigmented with colour. Inevitably the top layer of paving will always be worn down through day-to-day use but because of this pigmentation, StoneSet won’t fade. StoneSet’s resin technology also guarantees against UV degradation so you’re guarded against yellowing. With so many colours to choose from, StoneSet offers you the chance to get really creative.

StoneSet is easily used to create all sorts of designs, from basic shapes to company logos and detailed murals. Easy and quick to lay, you can achieve fantastic results with no hassle.

As well as having aesthetic qualities, StoneSet is a practical, hardwearing paving that is guaranteed for ten years. All StoneSet products are fully permeable, assisting with puddling and storm water runoff. StoneSet is also bound so there’s no loose gravel to be kicked around; a huge bonus for anyone looking for a low maintenance paving system.

A team of two laid a total of 20m2 of material over a period of 3 days. In total this project used 10 different varieties of coloured recycled glass. MDF stencils, computer cut from CAD drawings, were incorporated to help create all of the different shapes that were required.

The StoneSet finish was simply stunning, the intricate details of the underwater scene being particularly impressive. The fun and functional paving not only created a permeable, hardwearing surface but murals to inspire the imagination of youngsters as they play. Truly a paving