Harbour Street, Wollongong

This is an interesting take on the exterior door mat!

StoneSet Tan stone was installed in front of this commercial real estate office to reduce the chance of slip during rain, given the drainage of the pathway and camber of the footpath leading down towards the shops.

Water would pool at the entrance and the permeable paving was one of the few drainage measures available to the shop owner, to recess the puddle under the porous stone and stop water being walked into the store.

StoneSet used a river pebble Tan stone bound with StoneSets’ premium polyurethane resin. This mix has been used for more than 10 years across all states, by Australia’s longest running porous paving company.

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If you would like more information on this particular pavement project, please contact us on 1300 392 155 and quote the job reference number 91, we would be more than happy to discuss similarities in your porous Pathway project and provide any more information as required.

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