Decorative Tree Surrounds

Is it natural stone or a pavers? The novel application of StoneSet was achieved by a landscaping contractor in Brisbane for Fitzgibbon council at Fitzgibbon Chase in Fitzgibbon Chase QLD.

creative Tree Surround

Is it stone or a paver?

This novel application of StoneSet permeable paving was achieved by a landscaping contractor in Brisbane.

Aluminium angle was fashioned to the shape of brick paving, with StoneSet stone applied in the voids, to create an incongruous look of a natural stone surface, though with the appearance of standard brick paving.

In this way the application of 6mm Ash stone also gave a natural earthy theme to an otherwise concrete and asphalt streetscape.

15 tree pits were installed by the local landscaping contractor Fitzgibbon shire council, 53 Flinders Circuit, one of the major thoroughfares for the public. Safety for the public is paramount, in this way StoneSet DIY was installed by a local contractor to specification in order to meet council requirements. 

tree surround stone paving porous permeable

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terrabond and Stoneset

We’re often asked if StoneSet is similar in application to Terrabond or Arboresin. In short StoneSet is different from the two as it is stone and resin combined.

Terrabond is “a pre-treatment of porous but firm surfaces of concrete, aerated concrete, plaster, screeds, as an adhesion promoting and sealing agent”

This is effectively achieved by adding sand to the mix of stone and resin before we apply our our permeable paving

Arboresin is similarly slip resistant, and extremely porous permeable paving material. It is more like StoneSet as it is stone that is designed to withstand heavy pedestrian traffic to light vehicular traffic. Arguably Stone set offers a wider range of colours.

StoneSet  differs from other paving in that we apply a decorative or premium grade natural stone without ‘fines’  (the powdery/dust component washed out of the stone) with a mix of sand to increase the slip rating 

tree surround stone paving porous permeable

Creative permeable paving

Public area paving is not typically permeable, so this application was of outdoor paving particularly creative in the way people would see water passing through he surface as if it was stone, though it looked like a standard brick paving with grout.

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