Killara, 3mm Charcoal Arctic Ash, Overlay/permeable pathway

A blend of 3mm Charcoal arctic ash was chosen to create a permeable and overlay pathway at our clients property in Killara. Renovating their home, StoneSet was chosen for its ability to create a new area which was able to be built on the old and extended for the new. Laid at a 12mm depth,StoneSet crawled over the concrete and then continued across the new road base – allowing for a seamless permeable extension. Our clients chose a 3mm stone for it’s modern look and were exceptionally happy with the transformation.

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362, Killara, 3mm charcoal arctic ash, Overlay 3262, Killara, 3mm Charcoal arctic ash, Overlay (1)  3262, Killara, 3mm, Charcoal arctic ash, overlay