Non-Slip School Courtyard

Project QuickStats

Location Muirfield High School, North Rocks NSW
Cost $26,026
Stone Colour  Tan
Total Area 160 square meters
Date Installed 14-09-2020
At first glance this newly landscaped students seating area may appear smart yet somewhat basic and underwhelming.
We look a little deeper at the logic of landscape design and materials used, to find an incredibly cost effective, functional, safe and natural looking courtyard.. We explore why!

Gravel binding courtyards

Located in Sydney’s West, Muirfield High School (HS) is a secondary school with around 700 students and as a state school had been approved budget for an upgrade of external areas, including this seniors lunch courtyard.

With the initiative and design driven in large part by particular school staff that had landscaping / trade background, works were carried out mid 2020 and StoneSet had the privilege as the finishing touch of decorative paving, completing the paving in September.

Working with Nathan Hunter as the Project manager at Urban Landscape Projects, Sydney paving company StoneSet was appointed with the objective of creating a natural appearing environment. Tan-brown Australian sourced natural stone was specified by the schools designer as the hard wearing, non slip main courtyard paving.

The natural theme was continued seamlessly with the yellows of natural sandstone blocks and greens of a highly durable synthetic turf product between the seated areas.

Porous Non-slip paving

Just last month We discussed University findings regarding an unfortunate Urban Heat Island effect troubling NSW schools and indeed nationally. Muirfield HS, located in greater Sydney is certainly not immune to the heat stress that too much concrete causes in the playground.

We must acknowledge the reality that Schools are decades and sometimes centuries old. Older building practices meant existing trees would have been removed long ago during development. This has had the effect of leaving playgrounds devoid of tree canopy at many schools.

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Here, wedged in the urban street canyon (between two large buildings) here at Muirfield HS, any old tree would have either died or been removed due to the risk of falling limbs and the hazard posed to students. Safety in the school is paramount, and an all-concrete surface would not support a healthy tree, nor a health leaf canopy.

That’s why Shade sails were an excellent choice to provide reliable, long lasting and maintenance free shade to the seated areas, with the added benefit of theming the area with the vibrant school scarlet purple.

The video below explains, there is also the advantage of evaporative cooling of this area.

Whilst StoneSet’s porous paving surface is not supplying retained rainfall water to any roots – The water accumulated in the pores (after rain events) would eventually absorb energy from sunlight in the form of evaporation.

This would in-effect buffer any onset of paving radiation emission – a kind of reduction in the Urban Heat Island effect.

No-Loose stone paving

StoneSet is one of the most popular choices for paving Australian Schools, Childcare centres, municipal public areas, Hospitals.. the list goes on!

It’s due to a unique set of product characteristics that combine safety and functionality like no other paving product. This makes it practically unbeatable for feature landscaping in high traffic in applications where slip hazards pose serious consequences, such as mobility for Hospitals pathways and School children running in the occasional wet day etc.

When you factor in aesthetics, StoneSet is number one especially for feature landscaping areas;

  • 100s of colour possibilities with blending Natural Australian
  • 10 years no loose stone – guaranteed
  • Porous paving – No puddles form slip hazards!
  • Environmentally less waste-full that ripping out and replacing old concrete

In fact the whole landscaping design of this area is cleverly designed to remain clean, open and require zero to low maintenance. A number of elements make the overall remaining features functionally brilliant;

  1. Concrete pads below tables to withstand pressure cleaning of food waste
  2. Synthetic turf only applied in the lighter foot traffic sections between the seated areas
  3. Paved edging to emulate a garden appearance
  4. Shade sails positioned to compliment shadow thrown by adjacent buildings during lunch hours.
  5. Garden beds with low-water natives in courtyard corners

Whilst not economical to pave our roads with StoneSet, when compared with asphalt or concrete driveways – StoneSet is far more economical when you factor in decorative paving alternatives, safety,

Hassle free paving company

The final key advantage of StoneSet here was the rapid installation and cure time.

All up, applying StoneSet to this courtyard was a 2 day install, covering 160 square meters of resin bound stone giving the exposed aggregate look, at an average depth of 25mm.

It only took three days before the paving could be walked on! (Two day installation and one day dry time) This further minimised disruption to students and helped Urban Landscaping Projects to bring the project in on time for their client.

Students were reportedly mesmerized by the speed of installation and no doubt the seniors would have appreciated access to this area sooner, given the extent of disruption everyone has experience in 2020 with Coronavirus.

If you would like more information on this particular Porous pavement project, please contact us on 1300 392 155 and quote the job reference number VT6378, we would be more than happy to discuss similarities in your  project and we can fast track how StoneSet porous paving may suit your specific paving project.