Private Porous Driveway, Pymble NSW

Here the StoneSet Team used our Kirribilli Red blend to create a fully permeable driveway.

The local Ku Ring Gai council had specified a fully porous hard surface was required, this council on Sydneys north shore having specifically high requirements on hard surface landscaping ratios.

Why Fully Permeable Driveways?

With issues surrounding flooding, pollution and preservation orders on trees, a permeable surface is becoming increasingly important in fact essential.

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Therefore, Hard to Soft landscaping ratios are being increased by many Urban councils, particularly for larger properties closer to the CBD. Hardscaping is typically considered impervious surfaces. These can include;

  • Concrete Stencil Driveways
  • Tiled driveways
  • Asphalt driveway
  • Overcrete driveways
  • Pebble Pave
  • Pebblecrete

2801, Pymble NSW, Kirribilli Red, Porous Driveway Before2801, Pymble NSW, Kirribilli Red, Porous Driveway After

Permeable driveways like these in Wamberal, Bondi, and Kew have a crushed rock base which allows our fully porous stone to be applied at a thickness of 25mm to a typical concreted driveway standard available here

As there is different amounts of stone used, the price varies between Overlay and more expensive permeable / porous driveway options.

A guide price for StoneSet Overlay would be between $100-150/m2 installed on an existing concrete surface or $140-200/m2 for fully porous installed on a prepared road-base.

Some example bases over which we can apply a porous StoneSet topping include;

  • Deco Granite
  • Crushed granite
  • Crusher dust
  • Road Base
  • Blue Stone
  • Crushed Rock

Because all StoneSet products are fully porous/permeable, the new surface allows water to penetrate and flow through to the ground below. Permeable driveways are increasingly being specified by architects looking to increase the usable surface area on the property without being penalised with hard surface restrictions.

The StoneSet installation team, take a lot of pride in their work and these before, during and after shots truly reflect their talent.


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