Pool Surrounds, Stanhope Gardens, NSW

Pool pavers resurfaced with StoneSet

Here we have one of more popular colours for Pool surrounds – Apollo. A lighter colour, it reflects the heat, but more importantly it is aesthetically suitable for pool surrounds.

Unlike a darker charcoal or grey like we see on driveways, the pool surround does not see the same kind of issues such as oil stains or other dirt and stains that require cleaning on the driveway.

Immediately surrounding this pool in Stanhope Gardens, the existing pavers were in good condition and the colour was fine for what the owners wanted to achieve. The advantage here is that the pool coping around the sides of the pool did not need to be replaced.

Rather StoneSet was chosen to lift the surrounding paved areas and add a decorative touch, overlaying some of the older cracked paving that was making the pool look aged and run down.

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Resurface old paving

This project is a great example of resin bound stone applications using StoneSet with the ability to resurface old worn paving. Pool surrounds are constantly exposed to the Sun and harsh chemicals like salt and chlorine used to sanitise the pool.

Whilst pavers are very hard wearing, over time the elements combined with foot traffic act to wear away grout lines and the surface of pavers.

Lifting, cracking and erosion takes hold on these pavers and unfortunately there comes a time where the pool surrounds look quite run down and require some attention, iether due to trip hazards or further cracking and erosion due to friction wear from foot traffic.

Heres a great article on how UV and water puddles combine to accelerate erosion.

Porous, Naturally

Natural stone and pebble is one of the most common pool surround surfaces. Why? Its outdoors! Often homeowners want their pool area to be an outdoor retreat and blend with the natural surrounds. Pebble is rounded and is soft under bare foot, important for pool surrounds.

Of course one of the main advantages of resurfacing with StoneSet is that it can go over almost any existing hard surface paving – Concrete, pavers, travertine even cement based pebble ‘pebblecrete’ which is very common for use around pools.

As well as being a natural stone looking finish for your outdoor area, StoneSet keeps these areas safe, being puddle-free and slip resistant. As StoneSet is a porous hard surface, there is a high number of voids between stones, which allows water to pass through and drain off normally over the existing hard surface.

Does Stoneset last around pools?

StoneSet is quite simply a natural stone product sourced from an Australian quarry, mixed in with a very hard setting, strong polyurethane binder.

Salt and Chlorine have no effect on the longevity of StoneSet – The stone colour is unaffected by UV or harsh chemicals. The polyurethane binder similarly suffers no degradation due to the harsh chemicals.

Better still, there is very little chance for the chemicals to take effect on the binder, as water splashing out from the pool seeps straight to through the StoneSet layer – no puddling on the surface, no resulting accelerated erosion and no sustained possibility for Salt or Chlorine to weaken the polyurethane binder.


Pool surrounds, Stanhope Gardens, NSW

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Kind to the feet low maintenance pool surround

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