Private Driveway, Lindfield

The 6mm Charcoal Tan Ash stone blend worked perfectly, providing a slight contrast which ensures each stone is evident while still remaining in the same colour scheme. This natural look was further emphasized by the choice of a 6mm stone. Some red tones were also included which reflected the heritage style of the home and tied in perfectly with the red roof.

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Below is a before photo of the driveway – A total of 85 sqm of existing travertine was in need of an update, 20 years after it had been originally laid. The white natural stone travertine was a popular choice in the 1980s for the area in Lindfield.

The premium travertine was an ideal choice to match the light facade of this stately home on the north shore in Sydney. Being a form of limestone formed from calcium carbonate, travertine has a natural textured appeal. Similar to marble, it has an appeal of opulence and palatial stature

However Lindfield is nestled in the middle of one of Sydneys most green-conscious municipal councils – Ku Ring Gai council. The area is known for its beautiful leafy green suburbs and with it comes the preservation orders from council .

2070, East Lindfield, Charcoal Tan Ash, Overlay Before   Before







Accordingly, leaf littler had accumulated in the many textured holds and gaps within the travertine natural paving. Whilst a beautiful stone when freshly laid, the owners were faced with the reailty of having to regularly pressure clean the leaf litter and debris that became crushed and compacted within the wholes and veins within the surface of the driveway travertine.

Thats where resurfacing the area with a natural stone made much more sense. To maintain a beige natural stone look, a blend of 6mm Charcoal Tan Ash stone was chosen to replace the dirty driveway surface.

BeforeWith minimal preparation the 6mm Charcoal/Tan/Ash, was used to overlay these old tiles to completely transform the driveway.

During StoneSet installation

During StoneSet installation

Guaranteed for 10years with a design life of 25+years, the StoneSet paving is the quick and long lasting solution for driveway makeovers.

2070, Lindfield NSW, 6mm Charcoal Tan Ash, Driveway Overlay 1