Private, Driveway Overlay, Rothbury NSW


With a large driveway, our clients were after a product which could hide their worn concrete and provide a new look to their beautiful home.

With 234m2 to cover, while looks were important, so too was maintenance considerations. Loving the modern dark tones, but looking to incorporate some lights due to their large area, our clients designed a mix which incorporated 6+3mm Black, Charcoal, Ash and White stones.

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The mix has provided a complete new look to their home and looks stunning. In terms of maintenance, our clients do not need to re-seal their driveway for another 10-15 years. Peter’s response to the installation was:

“Lisa and Tori it looks amazing The boys were so professional neat and left no mess. Would highly recommend your product and service.” A sample of this mix will now be incorporated into our general range.

Goodbye Concrete! IMG_8378

Goodbye Concrete!