Private Permeable Driveway & Pathway, Cremorne

fully permeable driveway

Another example of where StoneSet provided the solution for councils requirements of soft landscaping and the home owners requirements for an aesthetic surface. 48m2 of permeable driveway and pathway was laid and created a beautiful entrance to the home – leaving everyone happy.


Another example of how we create a hard edge using the landcaping product link edge which is a popular choice for securing a hard edge over a porous road base.

When nailing this at multiple points into a cement base or 150mm of compacted road base, this provides sufficient strenght and a barrier for the StoneSet. Once StoneSet resin has dried, the adhesion between the stones and the link edge along the entire length is sufficient integrity to the edge of the driveway, particularly given the vertical aluminium outside edge protection.

From their website: Link Edge let’s you design and shape your garden, pavers, driveways and other outdoor areas anyway you want. Link Edge is visually appealing, and has many other advantages over other edging techniques.

Cement : It’s a crack-up! Plus expensive to install, maintain and the looks? Hmm…
Wood : Rots, attracts pests and treated wood can contain nasty chemicals.
Plastic : Fades, cracks and do you really want that breaking down in your garden?
Steel : Rusts, develops sharp edges and is difficult to design with.

1608, Cremorne, 6mm Cream, Porous Driveway(2)

StoneSet was laid seamlessly – even over the step ensuring the natural look remained unbroken

1608, Cremorne, 6mm Cream, Porous Driveway(5)

The flexibility of StoneSet allows it to be neatly laid up to any shape without the cut lines of pavers, ensuring a neat and seamless finish

1608, Cremorne, 6mm Cream, Porous Driveway(6)

\ The guys preparing the base. You can see the edging is haunched in to ensure a strong finish. The road base has started to be compacted and levelled – ready to receive the gravel cell and StoneSet.

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Permeability requirements

StoneSet has the properties required to help meet paving permeability specifications in several council jurisdictions, including Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Randwick City, and Melbourne City.

Because StoneSet is permeable, You can use the material to build driveways, walkways, or car-parks that don’t encourage localised flooding in the event of storms


Download our guide to permeability here