Seaton Park Primary, Interior Overlay, Seaton, SA

School Pool Surrounds with extra traction

Seaton Park Primary have embraced the school swimming pool as a great way to get aerobic exercise.

In fact, a lot of schools are forming swim teams and competing in regular swim meets. The school have done a tremendous job in keeping pools safe, but accidents do still happen. As it turns out, a substantial percentage of these accidents occur outside of the school pool.

StoneSet was used to rejuvenate a concrete surface and create a new atmosphere at Seaton Park Primary. 3mm stones were used for their softer texture with a mix of Charcoal Ash alongside Ash was used to create a contemporary design without compromising on the natural look they were after.

3mm stone is more dense, which gives more traction around the pool surrounds. The permeability rate is slightly slower, however this was a lower risk than completing a 3mm stone surface which would give significantly more traction.

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Puddles of Water

The area around a pool is prone to have standing water from people entering and exiting the water. Proper drainage could help, but someone who is just leaving a pool can create a hazard by dripping on the ground where they are walking over the immediate pool surround.

If you consider several children piling in and out of the pool or doing bombs and jumping in recklessly, the problem becomes much worse.

StoneSet is student friendly and has documented cases of creating cool schools and avoid this potential safety issue. The naturally porous quality of its construction allows StoneSet to facilitate the draining of pool water. Since this happens immediately, one or more people exiting the pool will not need to walk in puddles of water.

Don’t forget walkways leading from a pool. Over the course of a day, water can quickly collect and create a walking hazard. StoneSet in these areas can alleviate the problem while providing a long-lasting and pleasing solution.

2579, Seaton Park SA, 3mm Ash & 3mm Charcoal Ash, Overlay 2