Road Median Strip, Shellcove NSW

This decorative median strip was installed on behalf of a civil contractor along Cove Boulevard in Shellcove, south of Sydney.

Looking to totally transform a very unsightly and difficult-to-access and maintain section of the road, the decision was made to totally rip out and replace the weed and soil.

Replacing the area with a beautiful rich red natural stone, set to a vibrant pattern interspaced with darker ‘Keelan Green’ and Pitch black stone, the results speak for themselves.

Why not use large Gravel?

Here, StoneSet installed a relatively small 6mm gravel, pre mixed with resin and hand troweled into place.

A fair question from civil contractors might be “Why not just use a larger, less expensive Scoria or bluestone aggregate and bind this with resin?”

Larger stone is cheaper because it is more easily supplied and processed in bulk, and ‘less in demand’ as it is not typically suitable for foot traffic. Given this was a trafficable area, this stone would have been a fair choice.

Certainly it is far cheaper to install a larger 20mm stone and something of a lower grade like bluestone. The first issue with this of course is, bluestone is very much a utility. Given its use on gravel roads and unsealed roads, this would have looked cheap.

The second issue is the litter trap effect. With larger 20mm stone, leaf and rubbish litter is far easier to become trapped in the voids. We raise this with any loose gravel application for tree surrounds and public walkways. Whilst the litter trap issue might not pose an issue for rooftops, the road median would very quickly require maintenance workers again, negating the aim of reducing risk by sending teams in to work on this busy highway.

StoneSet decorative paving the Answer!

Across the entire area  installed 3 colours to create a beautiful pattern down a median strip, we installed 6mm Keelan Green, 6mm Glensanda & 6mm Tan to create a flat paved section on the median strip, replacing the weedy and unsightly section of the road.

The rich red iron oxide of Glensanda and pitch black were great contrasting ‘native’ colours. The pattern was very easy to install and visually gave a very gentle and stylish flow to the roadscape.