Public Train Station Pathway, Hazelbrook

A station refurbishment at Hazelbrook was part of an upgrade of the Great Western Highway at Lawson. One aspect of the works, was to improve the aesthetics of the existing concrete pathways.

HBO+ EMTB Architects wanted to avoid removing the existing concrete pathways leading to the footbridge and utilise the existing surface. By overlaying with StoneSet they saved money, time, and even more importantly, reduced the disruption to the regularly used footbridge access at Hazelbrook Station.

Decorative Permeable paving

The Architects requested that the key features of the design were to include an urban and landscape design, which both protects and enhances the heritage and cultural character of the Blue Mountains setting. The architects goal was to retain the existing bushland alongside the extensive new planting.

Architects Conceptual Render

Final Installation






Four types of beautiful Australian sourced aggregates were used within the resin bound StoneSet overlay paving. The colours used complement perfectly the surrounding screens and planter beds, with the overall colour scheme being very organic with an industrial twist. The thin depth of lay is just enough to take out any undulations within the existing surface but not so thick to affect existing levels and edges.


The different stone colours were separated with a permanent aluminium edge detail, providing a clean crisp separation of the colours.

Another goal was to keep the existing manhole covers and maintain easy access, which was easily achieved by marking the manhole covers with an aluminium edge. They are easily located and we were able to avoid any major disruption to the existing hard surfaces and drain covers.





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The overall result is stunning. The StoneSet was installed over a 2 day period and access to and from the railway platform was maintained at all times. Utilising an existing surface as so successful achieved in this project can not only save on costs and reduce time but also be beneficial to the environment.

The diversity of StoneSet’s colour range and flexibility in application, did not just allow for a new pathway at Hazelbrook but a new atmosphere. The warm colours mixed with the natural touch of the stones, transformed a typically bland area one would generally try to escape into a welcoming environment for the locals.

Below is a before photo of the area:
1693, Hazelbrook Before 2 copy