Driveway Overlay, Avalon

Resurface Concrete Driveways

Our clients had just finished a long renovation of their beautiful family home. The last thing that was letting down the fantastic renovation completed so far was the concrete driveway.

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With the goal to sell the family home, they wanted to ensure they got the sale price which matched the effort and time spent maintaining the home. They knew that the first impressions could make or break a great sale price!

StoneSet has a big advantage with concrete resurfacing. It is far more cost effective than removal of the concrete driveway, our client was looking for ‘driveway Ideas’ and found StoneSet online.

Example surfaces we have encountered on top of concrete driveway resurfacing

Typically, there are many ‘faux stone’ solutions. The major appeal of StoneSet was the opportunity to resurface driveways rather than the cost of sending existing concrete to landfill.

StoneSet was used to overlay the old, patchwork concrete driveway.The 3mm Koonunga StoneSet offered a modern clean finish, installed quickly and will no doubt help them obtain the best possible valuation.

Because StoneSet stone is versatile, the application can be made thicker for bases that are permeable or loose – for example any of the below loose stone surfaces can be used as the base for a driveway topping with stone.

  • Deco Granite
  • Pebblecrete
  • Crusher dust
  • Road Base
  • Blue Stone
  • Crushed Rock

The perfect cover up job for a tired looking patchwork quilt driveway!

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