Private Driveway, Thornleigh

StoneSet for resurfacing Entry and Foyers

Being the very front of the home and the home being an owners caste, It was important that this client create an impression for visitors!

Overlaying an existing concrete driveway, A 6mm Charcoal driveway and entry overlay -StoneSet provided the perfect entrance way to this new home!

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Our client was specifically looking for natural stone – a resurfacing alternative to the boring old outdoor paving and specifically foyer paving. Similar to entertaining Pateos, the appearance of these highly trafficked areas matter.

Foyer paving options included pebble pave, overlay paving or even overcrete. The most  popular being travertine pavers which often front the doorstop at many new builds and renovations.

After looking at similar stone / pebble pave style products, and contacting StoneSet it was evident why a resin bound porous stone finish like StoneSet ideal

StoneSet was going to provide numerous advantages especially for the foyer, front entry of the house.

Safe, Good looking and functional

We love working with our clients to select colours, and even designing bespoke motif patterns.

Light colours of natural stone reflect the suns energy, and reduce outdoor temperatures around the home and other buildings while conserving water on the property.

Dark colours on the other hand absorb the heat, and are often used on CBD rooftops to reduce the buildings heat island/mass effect by absorbing as much as possible. .

And StoneSet is cooler as a hard surface by the fact water is retained under the stone for a short period before it eventually evaporates, so your driveway has a buffer.

They recharge aquifers and can minimize the heat island effect where all the asphalt and concrete of urban areas trap heat and modify the microclimate of the location.

Permeable driveways also act as filters as it improves the quality of water before it reaches the rivers, lakes and ocean outfalls.