Stone Paving on Pool Rooftop, Melbourne

Whats better than creating a natural oasis on the top floor of a CBD skyscraper? Well, using natural stone stays bound and is not carried off by birds or dragged into the entry to the rooftop.

This luxury apartment complex in Melbourne wanted create the luxury of park front living in the heart of the city and a wow factor for their rooftop pool area.

StoneSet proved the ideal solution to repaving this 10 storey rooftop. Saving jack hammering up the existing tiles and disturbing the waterproofing, StoneSet was simply laid over the top!

The before and after photos show just easily StoneSet was to modernise this existing 1980s style cream paving, being laid right up to the pool coping.

StoneSet was used to rejuvenate not only the exterior paving but the bathrooms and common shower area in the adjacent amenities section of the hotel. Creating a seamless transition from the lift foyer, to showers and out to the rooftop area.


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Stone is ideal for Rooftops

StoneSet resin bound stone was ideal in a number of ways to create this natural, atheistically pleasing protection layer for waterproofing on building rooftops.

  • No cost to remove old paving down 10 stories to landfill
  • Stone absorbs UV and does not wear (unlike petroleum or water-based coatings)
  • From above stone is much more aesthetically pleasing
  • Choice of colours meaning decorative pattern application

However whilst pebbles provide a great looking and functional finish for rooftops – there is one major problem, and that is those pebbles falling off the top of your multi-storey building!

Therefor the loose pebbles on roof tops need stabilising to prevent birds and wind blowing them over the edge.

The loose nuggets of stone are easy to install and can provide a much better perspective for neighbouring buildings that have your roof as part of their panorama.

Also, there can be thermal advantages with the colour of stone used for rooftops;

Light colours of natural stone absorb the UV and reflect some of the visible spectrum of the suns energy, thus reducing outdoor temperatures around the home and other buildings while conserving water on the property.

A mix of colours were chosen to create “spaces” over the large rooftop, these included” 6mm Apollo, 6mm Charcoal and 3mm Charcoal Ash.

1980, Fawkner Towers, 6mm Apollo Pool Surround   1980, Fawkner Towers, 6mm Apollo, 6mm Charcoal Overlay]\


Here are some photos of stoneset rooftops we’ve installed